Objects & Places from The Persian Pickle Club

Sandra Dallas
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Kansas - This is the state in the American plains in which the action of the novel is set.

Harveyville - This is the small community around which the farms of the book are situated.

The Persian Pickle Club - This is the name given to the weekly gathering of women at which the women quilt, read, take refreshments, gossip, make plans, and keep secrets.

Quilts - These carry with them the idiosyncratic beliefs and faiths of individual makers. In short they are manifestations of functional creativity, as reflective of the spirit of their creator(s) as any work of art.

The Celebrity Quilt - This is made as an expression of a group of women's desire to help unwed mothers.

The Road to California - This made by Zepha's grandmother under apparently tragic circumstances, incorporates material from a dress belonging to the woman's dead daughter...

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