The Persian Pickle Club Fun Activities

Sandra Dallas
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Quilting Club

Give extra credit to anyone willing to make a quilt while reading this book.

Quilting Glossary

This book uses many quilting and sewing terms. Have the students create a glossary of all of these terms to help people reading the book for the first time.

Celebrity Quilt Signatures

Have the students collect some signatures of celebrities in their area that would be nice include in a project like the celebrity quilt. These can be put on a quilt, or on something else such as a poster or in a class scrapbook.


As a class, choose a method of fundraising to do for a good cause, and discuss why something like this would be so appealing for the women in the Persian Pickle Club to do on a regular basis.

Club Name

Have the students come up with a better name for the Persian Pickle Club...

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