The Persian Pickle Club Character Descriptions

Sandra Dallas
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Queenie Bean - This character has married into a relatively wealthy family and is unable to bear children as the result of complications from a miscarriage.

Rita Ritter - This character creates conflict by being different and by forcefully pursuing her intentions.

Septima and Prosper Judd - This character is essentially the leader of the Persian Pickle Club.

Ella Crook - This character's husband is murdered.

Agnes T. Ritter, Mrs. (Sabra) Ritter - This character is embittered by the way she was treated as a child and is an unhappy old woman in a young woman's body.

Nettie Burgett, Velma Burgett, Tyrone Burgett - This character is conservative and religious and has a daughter who has an affair with a married man.

Forest Ann - This character is known within the Club for her ongoing relationship with the married town doctor.

Dr. Sipes - This character...

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