The Persian Pickle Club Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Sandra Dallas
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Chapter 1

• This book is set in a small town in Kansas during the Great Depression.

• Queenie is the narrator and describes each member of the Persian Pickle Club - a quilting club of women who meet to sew, talk, and eat.

• Rita joins the club after moving from the city when she marries a farmer.

• Queenie says Rita is pretty, but also uncomfortable in her new surroundings. She knows little of quilting and has much to learn.

• They discuss raising money for the Reverend who has asked for their help, but decide not because they do not like how he spent the money they gave him last time.

• They choose to raise money for unwed mothers in Kansas City by making a Celebrity Quilt signed by local celebrities.

• Forest Ann rushes home from the meeting to get ready for her daily date with a married man.

• Queenie says...

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