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Marian Calabro
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How close were the dwellings to each other?
(a) They put several miles between buildings.
(b) They deliberately built their dwellings a fair distance apart from each other.
(c) They had room enough for campfires between the buildings.
(d) They attached their dwellings to each other.

2. Who went off to find help nine days before Christmas?
(a) The snowshoers
(b) James Reed
(c) Virginia's mother
(d) Virginia Reed

3. How did the native Americans help the snow shoers?
(a) They gave them maps to California.
(b) They carried them back to the camp.
(c) They fed them pine nuts and acorn bread.
(d) They went and got help for them.

4. What did Louis Keseberg do in California?
(a) He became a law officer.
(b) He earned a reputation as a thief.
(c) He ran a hotel and restaurant.
(d) He started lecturing on the Donner Party experience.

5. Why wasn't William Foster tried for the deaths of Luis and Salvador?
(a) He didn't really do it.
(b) They figured he had been through enough trauma.
(c) Killing Native Americans was not regarded as murder.
(d) There was no judge.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did they stay warm at night?

2. What happened when Mrs. Reed first saw her husband?

3. What happened to John Breen in California?

4. What did emigrants do once they realize that they were trapped?

5. What did the rescuers tell the survivors about Forlorn Hope?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did they decide to do for food in order to survive?

2. How did Virginia deal with the idea of cannibalism?

3. How did Virginia inadvertently help the world hear about what happened to the Donner Party?

4. Why couldn't all the survivors get rescued at once?

5. How many people were stuck camping near the lake, and how many people went off to find help nine days before Christmas?

6. What did the group do when they realize that they couldn't reach a summit?

7. Why didn't the Donner families camp with the others?

8. What was happening to the group morale?

9. What did the Miwok Indians do to help them?

10. How did the Donner party story affect emigrants traveling West?

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