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Marian Calabro
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened when Margaret tried to cross the mountain?
(a) Her compass broke, and she had to turn back.
(b) She became ill.
(c) She missed her children too much so she came back.
(d) The snow was too deep.

2. How far into the established route did Hastings Cutoff appear?
(a) About a quarter of the way through
(b) It was near the beginning
(c) More than halfway
(d) Right on the mid-point

3. How did people learn about the story of the Donner Party?
(a) Television
(b) Radio
(c) From newspapers
(d) Telephone

4. What special meal did the Reed children have for Christmas?
(a) Beans, rice, and dried apple slices
(b) Venison stew
(c) Bear meat and beans
(d) Fresh bones to gnaw on

5. What did the Murphy children end out eating?
(a) A rug
(b) Bugs
(c) Hair
(d) Their book

Short Answer Questions

1. How fast was the Donner Party moving as they blazed through the Wasatch?

2. Where did George and Jacob Donner and their families camp?

3. How many miles would the cutoff save them?

4. What did Virginia write about her father's banishment?

5. What was completed in 1857, making traveling to California easier?

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