The Perilous Gard Short Essay - Answer Key

Elizabeth Marie Pope
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1. How is Princess Elizabeth's household described in Chapter 1?

Elizabeth's household is described as being always cold, with never enough coal to warm the entire establishment and never enough blankets to go around to all the members of the house.

2. What difference of opinion do Kate and Alicia have in Chapter 1?

Kate believes that complaining to the Queen about the poor living conditions could be disastrous and that the Queen knows very well everything that goes on in the household, but Alicia believes that the Queen will rectify the situation once she's aware. Kate eventually convinces Alicia that she could be in trouble for writing the letter.

3. What does Alicia want Kate to do as a "true sister" in Chapter 1?

Alicia says that if Kate is a "true sister," she'll claim to have written the letter, thereby exonerating Alicia from blame and sparing her the wrath of the Queen. Alicia doesn't say why it would be better for Kate to be punished but Kate refuses, saying she'll have to find some other way of declaring his sisterly loyalty to Alicia.

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