Daily Lessons for Teaching The Perilous Gard

Elizabeth Marie Pope
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Lesson 1

Objective: Chapters 1 and 2 Pope incorporates real historical figures into the storyline to create a realistic depiction of Tudor England. Two of the most recognizable figures in the novel are Mary I and Elizabeth I. This lesson discusses the historical figures in the novel Perilous Gard.

1) Library Research: Have students research the historical figures in the novel. Have students write a paragraph describing each historical figure in a historical context, and whether or not Pope depicts him or her accurately.

2) Presentation: Assign one historical figure to each student and have each student give a presentation about their assigned figure. Afterwards, give students a pop quiz based on the presentations.

3) Writing Assignment: Why might Pope have used historical figures in his novel? How does the addition of these real people impact the novel? Have students write two to three paragraphs with their answers.

Homework: Some of the historical figures...

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