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Short Answer Questions

1. In England, what kind of dog does Olga believe to be "chic"?

2. What is Mr. Lammer's one ruling passion?

3. For whom is Mrs. Packletide going to arrange a lunch for at her home on Curzon Street?

4. Where does Reginald believe that "young men of brilliant attraction" should be?

5. Who does Mrs. Packletide hit when she fires off her gun?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to "Reginald on Christmas Presents," why are aunts a "difficult class to deal with"?

2. What does Reinald say one comes to know at a host's home?

3. Why is Mrs. Mullet unhappy that Mr Penricarde had purchased the Brogue?

4. What is the "only consolation" that the condemned man asks for?

5. How is the Brogue listed in sale catalogs?

6. What happens as a result of the feud in Toad-Water?

7. In "The Innocence of Reginald," what two things does Reginald believe fail to go together?

8. Why does Clovis believe that his mother needs to get married?

9. What begins the feud in "The Blood-Feud of Toad-Water"?

10. What does Reginald state about hors d'oeuvres?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What do you believe was the purpose of presenting Saki's works as a collection? Did the stories work off of each other? Did the collection allow you to understand the texts better? In what ways do you believe messages were lost given the collection is presented as a whole?

Essay Topic 2

Based upon the texts, how do you think Saki felt about women? Do you think that he held very specific stereotypes regarding women? Do you think that he created female characters that were different from women in society during his time? What attributes did Saki give his female characters? Are these characteristics that are normally assigned to women?

Essay Topic 3

Saki used a lot of animals in his texts. Why do you believe Saki used so many animals? How do you believe he felt about them? What could the animals represent for Saki? Does Saki give a favorable impression of animals or not? Why? Support your thoughts.

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