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Short Answer Questions

1. In "Esme," what does Clovis state were all the same?

2. What is the Brogue known as?

3. What is the garnish used on the duck entree in "The Chaplet"?

4. What ailment does Miss Gilpet state is fictitious?

5. How many miles do the children at Toad-Water have to walk to school?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the "only consolation" that the condemned man asks for?

2. Why is Mrs. Olston so protective of the buzzards and their eggs?

3. In "The Innocence of Reginald," what two things does Reginald believe fail to go together?

4. Why is Mrs. Mullet unhappy that Mr Penricarde had purchased the Brogue?

5. How is the Brogue listed in sale catalogs?

6. What happens to cause a rift between Dora and Jane?

7. What happens when Mrs. Packletide shot at the tiger?

8. Why is Reginald trying to "forgive the furniture"?

9. What does Esme do to the gypsy child?

10. What does Clovis do to insure that Jane has left before Dora shows up at his home?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The section titled "The Square Egg" showed a very different side of Saki. Why do you think that the writings from this section were so different from the other sections? How did the happenings in Saki's life at this point change his writing? What seemed to be his focus?

Essay Topic 2

Based upon the research and study of Saki and his works, what did you learn about Saki as a person? What did his writing allow you to divulge about him? What kind of person do you see him to be? What are his characteristics? What do you believe were his strengths? His weaknesses? Why?

Essay Topic 3

Given that Saki is male, and many of his main characters are male, what do you think Saki prided men upon? Do you think that he held a patriarchal idea in regard to society? Why/Why not? Support your answer using a combination of hypothetical and textual reasoning.

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