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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is the train heading in "The Disappearance of Crispina Umbreleigh"?
(a) Balkanwood.
(b) Kent.
(c) Gamanwood.
(d) St. Albans.

2. According to the wine merchant, what is the "feminine craze" at the time of his aunt's disappearance?
(a) Skeet shooting.
(b) Cycling.
(c) Climbing.
(d) Fox hunting.

3. Why is Dimitri going to be killed?
(a) He overthrew a neighbor prince.
(b) He is too weak to be considered a great ruler.
(c) He is too strong to be defeated.
(d) He is the last of the dynasty,

4. Which bird does the Russian naturalists state has disappeared?
(a) All of them.
(b) Larks.
(c) Rooks.
(d) Wild pigeons.

5. Why is Lena concerned about her husband's plans for Easter?
(a) She had a bad experience there.
(b) The inhabitants do not like foreigners.
(c) Too expensive.
(d) The city is in a battle.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who owns the hen that "The victim of war" spoke of?

2. At what time, in Amalie's tale, would wolves begin to howl?

3. What happened that stopped the egg-seller from being able to get rich off of square eggs?

4. What did the Baroness say that she is going to do to Amalie after the new year festivities have ended?

5. Whom had the best intentions for Francesca, but never would "carry them into practice"?

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