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1. Name at least two things that the narrator finds offensive that Reginald does at the McKillops' garden party.

There are two things that Reginald does at the McKillops' garden party that the narrator finds offensive. First, Reginald offends the Colonel by making a disparaging remark about his age. Second, Reginald is teaching a child how to mix absinthe (an alcoholic beverage) within "earshot" of his mother.

2. According to "Reginald on Christmas Presents," why are aunts a "difficult class to deal with"?

Reginald thought that aunts are a "difficult class to deal with" when it comes to choosing Christmas presents. He believes that they were never taught at a young enough age. Then, by the time they would learn, they would die, argue with the family, or do something inconsiderate.

3. According to the Duchess in "Reginald at the Theater," what are the things "you can't get away from"?

The Duchess, in "Reginald at the Theater," believes that there are certain things "you can't get away from." She states that these things are right and wrong, good conduct, and moral rectitude.

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