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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Chronicles of Clovis.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Reginald threaten the narrator with, for being rude, in "Reginald on the Academy"?
(a) To cause a scene at dinner.
(b) To buy them a tie for Christmas.
(c) To dine with them the following night.
(d) To leave and never come back.

2. According to "Cross Currents," whom does Alaric Clyde roam about like?
(a) A god of Olympus.
(b) A rabid dog.
(c) A horse freed from bondage.
(d) A god of Hellas.

3. Whose identity does the condemned man, in "The Lost Sanjak," assume?
(a) A dead soldier's.
(b) A priests.
(c) A missing hiker's.
(d) A dead Salvationist.

4. When, according to Reginald in "Reginald on the Academy", does one go to Heaven prematurely?
(a) When one has not yet become a man.
(b) When the book has not been signed.
(c) When the Sargent has not painted you yet.
(d) When one fails to escape.

5. Who does the former farmer marry?
(a) A prostitute.
(b) A lion-tamer's widow.
(c) His best friend's daughter.
(d) A madame of a brothel.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which empire, according to Reginald, has problems with limits existing in the same place?

2. What does Reginald claim that ducks did not have?

3. Where does Arlington Stringham tell his joke?

4. Who is bitten by a dog that is assumed to have rabies?

5. Why does one go to the Academy?

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