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The Kurdish Brigandsappears in Cross Currents - This was the group that captured Vanessa, Clyde and Vanessa's lover, Mr. Dobrinton.

Toad-Waterappears in The Blood Feud of Toad-Water - This was where the Cricks and the Saunderses lived and engaged in a feud.

Esmeappears in Esme - This was the name given to the hyena by the Baroness.

Indiaappears in Mrs. Packletide's Tiger - This was where Mrs. Packletide went hunting for a tiger.

House of Commonsappears in The Jesting of Arthur Stringham - This was where Arlington Stringham told his first joke.

The Villa Elsinoreappears in The Quest - This was where Clovis was staying when the Momebys lost their son.

The Brogueappears in The Brogue - This was also known as the Berserker; it was a brown gelding.

The Carltonappears in The Phantom Luncheon - This was where Lady Drakmanton took the three sisters to lunch...

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