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Lesson 1 (from Reginald)



It is very important to understand Saki as a person in order to understand him as an author. The objective of this lesson is to examine Saki.


1. Class Research/Discussion: Using classroom media instruments, research Saki. Who is Saki? What did he enjoy writing about? What did his life represent? What events did he live through? How did these events impact his life? What kind of writing was Saki known for? How well was he accepted by his peers? What kind of characteristics was Saki known as having?

2. Small Group Activity: Create a biography list of Saki's writings. Notate next to each text the events that Saki was involved in. What relevance do you think the events surrounding the time period influenced his writings?

3. Individual Writing Assignment: In a journal entry, discuss who you believe Saki to be? What kind of man was he...

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