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Reginaldappears in Reginald, Reginald on Christmas Presents, etc. - This individual was a vain person who talked about clothing several times.

Francesca Bassingtonappears in The Unbearable Bassington - This individual lived the life of an affluent person while, in reality, was barely able to make ends meet.

Mrs. McKillopsappears in Reginald - This individual threw a garden party that was broken up by a disturbance.

Major Dumbartonappears in The Baker's Dozen - This individual miscounted the number of children between them and their fiancee resulting in the fact that they could not marry given the number was an unlucky one.

The Baronessappears in Esme - This individual's greed (refusal to share the money from the sale of a broach) costs them a friendship.

Mrs. Packletideappears in Mrs. Packletide's Tiger - This individual wanted to kill a tiger to gain notoriety.

Clovis Sangrailappears in The Chronicles of Clovis...

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