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• "Reginald"

• The author admits that he invited Reginald to attend the garden party at Mrs. McKillops.

• He tells Reginald that he wants to be "in with Mrs. McKillops just now."

• Reginald recognizes that the author wants one of the Persian kittens Mrs. McKillops has, and says that someone will ask if he was there when the Allied forces marched into Paris.

• Reginald says that someone is always waiting to dredge up the past. Despite this prediction, he agrees to attend.

• At the event, Reginald almost immediately angers a man known as the Colonel, saying that the man has just admitted something that gives away his age.

• Before the author can intercept Reginald, he walks away and begins showing "the youngest Rampage boy" how to create an alcoholic beverage, despite the fact that the boy's mother is "prominent" in the Temperance movement.

• The party soon breaks up with...

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