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Short Answer Questions

1. When Shaw calls Grantham on Monday, what information does she tell him to get?

2. What does Shaw find in Morgan's lockbox?

3. How many weeks of vacation does the Post owe Grantham?

4. In Chapter 36, who does Shaw pretend to be?

5. When did the rape of the Louisiana coastal wetlands begin?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Horton want the Administration to investigate the pelican brief?

2. Who does Shaw see as she watches mourners arrive for Callahan's memorial service?

3. Why do Grantham and Shaw talk to students who clerked at White and Blazevich last summer?

4. Why hasn't Grantham's apartment been bugged?

5. Why does Grantham panic after talking with a maid outside his room at the Marbury?

6. What is the appeal process for the lawsuit between Mattiece and the Green Fund?

7. Describe what happens when Grantham follows a man he believes to be Garcia into the offices of Brim, Stearns, and Kidlow?

8. Describe Mattiece's plan to make money in Louisiana's oil fields and how this plan has been thwarted.

9. How did Shaw get away from Stump?

10. Why is the pelican brief a possible liability for the President?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare the knowledge that Shaw and Garcia had regarding the Rosenberg and Jensen murders. Also discuss how they obtained their information.

Essay Topic 2

Explain why Barr goes to meet with Mattiece. Describe his mission and the results of his mission.

Essay Topic 3

The President and Coal are very worried about the pelican brief and what might happen if the brief would become public. Explain why the pelican brief was such a liability for the President and for Coal.

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