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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Verheek to meet Shaw on Monday?
(a) Shaw's apartment.
(b) Tulane.
(c) French Quarter.
(d) Frenchmen's Bend.

2. In Chapter 36, who does Shaw pretend to be?
(a) A secretary at White and Blazevich.
(b) A Georgetown administrator.
(c) A Georgetown student.
(d) A partner at White and Blazevich.

3. Who is the night police reporter for the Post?
(a) David Mason.
(b) Mason Paypur.
(c) Nathaniel Jones.
(d) Andrew Levinson.

4. Why was Grantham racing down Rhode Island St. at fifty miles per hour?
(a) He was drunk.
(b) He was supposed to meet Cleve.
(c) He was being followed.
(d) He was trying to get back to Shaw.

5. Who does the President invite to play golf with him on Monday afternoon?
(a) Lewis.
(b) Voyles.
(c) East.
(d) Gminiski.

Short Answer Questions

1. What front-page story is run by the Times-Picayune that concerns the editors at the Post?

2. Where does Grantham go to meet Shaw for the first time?

3. Why does Shaw not want to take the subway in New York?

4. When Shaw calls Grantham on Monday, what information does she tell him to get?

5. Who comes to Shaw's rescue when she is running from Stump?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who does Shaw see as she watches mourners arrive for Callahan's memorial service?

2. How is Shaw able to talk with Linney at the hospital?

3. Who was waiting for Grantham outside the Post building?

4. What bad news does Coal share with the President on Monday morning?

5. What might have happened if Mattiece has played it cool and not started killing people after the pelican brief surfaced?

6. What is the appeal process for the lawsuit between Mattiece and the Green Fund?

7. What was in the envelope Shaw found in Morgan's lockbox?

8. Why hasn't Grantham's apartment been bugged?

9. Describe Mattiece's plan to make money in Louisiana's oil fields and how this plan has been thwarted.

10. Why do Grantham and Shaw talk to students who clerked at White and Blazevich last summer?

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