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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was Morgan working late when he was killed?
(a) He worked eighty or more hours a week.
(b) Velmano asked him to work late.
(c) He had to finish a project on the Pelican case.
(d) Wakefield asked him to work late.

2. Who does Khamel's employer want him to kill?
(a) Grantham.
(b) Shaw.
(c) Veeker.
(d) Voyles.

3. While in New Orleans, to whose room does Khamel go to hide in a closet?
(a) Verheek's room.
(b) Shaw's room.
(c) Callahan's room.
(d) Voyles' room.

4. Who does Grantham call at the White House to inquire about the pelican brief?
(a) Sarge.
(b) The President.
(c) Coal.
(d) Zikman.

5. Who does the President invite to play golf with him on Monday afternoon?
(a) Lewis.
(b) East.
(c) Gminiski.
(d) Voyles.

6. Who does Khamel kill when he gets on the shore in Louisiana?
(a) Luke.
(b) Sam.
(c) Shaw.
(d) Veeker.

7. What does someone do to Grantham's car?
(a) Shoots out a tire.
(b) Tampers with the brakes.
(c) Installs a transmitter.
(d) Searches the car.

8. Who does Shaw see after leaving the bed and breakfast on Sunday morning?
(a) The Cowboy.
(b) Veeker.
(c) Rupert.
(d) Stump.

9. Why did Shaw choose a certain hotel for her stay in New York City?
(a) Because they took cash and required no ID.
(b) Because she had stayed there before and liked the hotel.
(c) Because it was close to the airport.
(d) Because they had excellent security.

10. What does Grantham learn when he calls Cleve from the Jefferson Hotel?
(a) Sarge has been asked to retire.
(b) Sarge has been shot.
(c) Sarge has been fired.
(d) Sarge has been put on medical leave.

11. How old is Grantham?
(a) 55.
(b) 32.
(c) 29.
(d) 38.

12. Where did Curtis Morgan live?
(a) Alexandria.
(b) D.C.
(c) Maryland.
(d) Georgetown.

13. How does Shaw get to Newark?
(a) Rental car.
(b) Train.
(c) Taxi cab.
(d) Bus.

14. Why does Grantham tell Shaw not to call him at home?
(a) He does not want his girlfriend answering the phone.
(b) He does not want his wife answering the phone.
(c) His phone may be tapped.
(d) He likes to keep his private and work lives separate.

15. On Monday, what is Coal planning to do during lunch?
(a) Play golf.
(b) Play squash.
(c) Play tennis.
(d) Play raquetball.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where was Morgan's second lockbox located?

2. Where is Khamel hiding after the assassination of Rosenberg and Jensen?

3. How many weeks of vacation does the Post owe Grantham?

4. Why was Grantham racing down Rhode Island St. at fifty miles per hour?

5. Who is the night police reporter for the Post?

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