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Character Comparison

Compare yourself to one of the characters in the novel.

Interview Shaw

Write ten questions that you would ask Darby Shaw if you could interview the character.

Book Review

Write a book review for the novel.


Use wigs, hats, sunglasses, and other techniques to disguise yourself as Darby Shaw did when she was on the run.

Callahan Killed

Write a newspaper article about the explosion that killed Thomas Callahan.

Timeline of Events

Create a timeline of the events in the novel.

Map Shaw's Escape

Use a map of New Orleans and the French Quarter to show Shaw's Sunday morning flight in Chapter 22 as she flees from Stump.

The Supreme Court

Research the Supreme Court and learn how many justices are assigned to the court. How are justices appointed? How long do justices serve?

Dear Alice

Write a letter to Alice Stark as if Shaw is...

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