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Chapters 1-3

• 91-year-old Supreme Court Justice Abraham Rosenberg watches a mob of 50,000 demonstrators from his wheelchair.

• Each Supreme Court Justice has two full-time FBI agents assigned to protect him.

• Rosenberg is proud that 80% of all death threats are aimed at him.

• Chief Justice John Runyan meets with his clerks, the captain of the Supreme Court police, FBI agents, and the FBI Deputy Director about security.
• The FBI is most concerned about Rosenberg and Jensen who exclude FBI agents from their homes.

• Glenn Jensen is the youngest justice, does not like women, is skeptical of free speech, and protects the environment.

• Jensen is reviewing the case of Ronald Dumond who sued the family of his deceased male lover who barred him from the funeral.

• Darby Shaw, a student at Tulane University, arrives late to Thomas Callahan's constitutional law lecture.

• Darby and Callahan are lovers.
• Sam/Khamel, an assassin who...

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