The Pedagogy of the Oppressed Quiz | Eight Week Quiz E

Donald Macedo, Myra Bergman Ramos, and Paula Freire
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the philosopher Plato conceive of education as?
(a) The instilling of a moral code into a student.
(b) The drawing out of ideas already submerged within the student.
(c) Of telling the student what to think and what not to think.
(d) Of a form of propaganda.

2. What does Paolo Friere mean by critical thinking?
(a) The ability to question things.
(b) The ability to be overly critical and negative.
(c) The ability to discern good from bad.
(d) The ability to study philosophy.

3. Why are power structures necessarily bad, according to Friere?
(a) Because they cost a lot to maintain.
(b) Because those at the bottom express unthinking loyalty.
(c) Because those at the top always turn into dictators.
(d) Because they always have the weak at the bottom and the strong at the top.

4. What is meant by the term ‘poverty of opportunity’?
(a) The lack of well-paid jobs to offer.
(b) The inability to afford food because of poverty.
(c) The lack of social opportunities open to members of society.
(d) The inability to move house because of poverty.

5. How did Bode use images to teach students?
(a) He never used words in the classroom.
(b) He never used images in the classroom.
(c) He asked students to name the images they saw.
(d) By relating one image to another, he encouraged students to link ideas.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who will become freed when the Oppressed rise up?

2. How are the oppressed classes usually stereotyped by their oppressors?

3. What is an ‘Epochal Unit’?

4. Why, does Friere say, oppression is dehumanizing?

5. What, in the author’s estimation, is a critical consciousness?

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