The Pedagogy of the Oppressed Quiz | Eight Week Quiz E

Donald Macedo, Myra Bergman Ramos, and Paula Freire
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does it mean to be one of the oppressed?
(a) Oppression means your freedoms, wants and desires are curtailed by others who hold power over your actions.
(b) Oppression means you live with the threat of death.
(c) Oppression means you live under occupation.
(d) Oppression means you are incarcerated.

2. What does Friere think the true goal of education is?
(a) To enhance one's career choices.
(b) To make good grade statistics.
(c) To empower students.
(d) To give the school a good name.

3. Why are power structures necessarily bad, according to Friere?
(a) Because they always have the weak at the bottom and the strong at the top.
(b) Because those at the top always turn into dictators.
(c) Because they cost a lot to maintain.
(d) Because those at the bottom express unthinking loyalty.

4. How are students treated in Banking Education?
(a) As opponents.
(b) As empty vessels fit only to hold the teacher’s wisdom.
(c) As partners.
(d) As already intelligent subjects.

5. What does Friere call this system of oppressive education?
(a) Problem-Solving Education.
(b) Military Education.
(c) Banking Education.
(d) Problem-Posing Education.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why, does Friere say, oppression is dehumanizing?

2. Why do we need to become humanized, according to Friere?

3. Why is it important in Friere's estimation to break static reality?

4. How are philosophy and critical consciousness linked?

5. What is a critical consciousness?

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