The Pedagogy of the Oppressed Quiz | Eight Week Quiz D

Donald Macedo, Myra Bergman Ramos, and Paula Freire
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is meant by the term ‘poverty of opportunity’?
(a) The lack of well-paid jobs to offer.
(b) The lack of social opportunities open to members of society.
(c) The inability to move house because of poverty.
(d) The inability to afford food because of poverty.

2. Who or what is the 'ruling elite'?
(a) The governors of society who also enjoy luxury and freedoms not permitted to the oppressed.
(b) A way of governing schools.
(c) The masses.
(d) A type of fascist government.

3. What symptom makes it obvious to Friere that traditional education is oppressive?
(a) Teachers are given more respect than students.
(b) There is still poverty and class divide.
(c) People are still canned at school.
(d) There is still an economic system.

4. What does Friere write is the role of the teacher in traditional education?
(a) To help students.
(b) To ignore the students.
(c) To be an authoritarian figure.
(d) To give the students better job chances.

5. What does Friere state unapologetically that his position is?
(a) Fascism.
(b) Revolutionary.
(c) Republican.
(d) Reactionary.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do traditional modes of teaching interfere with the development of a Subject, according to Friere?

2. What is the traditional power structure between teacher and students?

3. How important is critical thinking to Friere?

4. How are philosophy and critical consciousness linked?

5. What, according to Friere, must the Oppressed have the courage to do?

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