The Pedagogy of the Oppressed Quiz | Eight Week Quiz B

Donald Macedo, Myra Bergman Ramos, and Paula Freire
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was Eric Fromm?
(a) An actor.
(b) A social philosopher and social critic.
(c) A sculptor.
(d) An artist.

2. What does it mean to be one of the oppressed?
(a) Oppression means you live under occupation.
(b) Oppression means you live with the threat of death.
(c) Oppression means you are incarcerated.
(d) Oppression means your freedoms, wants and desires are curtailed by others who hold power over your actions.

3. Why do we need to become humanized, according to Friere?
(a) Because humanization will make us richer.
(b) Because humanization is a symptom of healthy psychological development.
(c) Because humanization will make us more friends.
(d) Because humanization will make us fitter.

4. What does Friere maintain in the Preface that his readers must be ready for?
(a) The time of their lives.
(b) Change.
(c) Anything.
(d) Revolution.

5. What is tyranny?
(a) A system where everyone shares the wealth.
(b) A type of education system.
(c) A type of lizard.
(d) A power-hungry ruler.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Friere propose to do to the education system?

2. What is a necrophilous person, according to Fromm?

3. What does Paolo Friere mean by critical thinking?

4. What is pedagogy?

5. What is propaganda?

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