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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Avery say Della has reported to him about Paul?

2. What does Avery say the Tinkers would need to create their own bobbles?

3. What does Wili do while the group travels to the Authority enclave?

4. What do Paul and Wili plan to do to the Authority's embobbling machine?

5. What does Della do to stop the violence around the enclave?

Short Essay Questions

1. What important bobbles does Paul say are due to collapse soon?

2. How does Mike feel about losing Jeremy inside the bobble at the bioscience lab?

3. How does Della and Mike's relationship change while they are at Kaladze's camp?

4. Why does Paul decide to embobble himself?

5. Why does Wili embobble the tenement building during the hottest part of the day?

6. How are Paul and the others able to travel to the Authority enclave in secret?

7. Why does Kaladze say Wili should trust Mike?

8. Why does Mike decide to embobble himself?

9. Why does Wili lose contact with Jill during the final approach to the embobbling position?

10. How does Wili manipulate Della and Mike while they are at the demonstration of the power generator?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Project Renaissance begins as a fall back plan created in the face of an uncertain threat from the Tinkers. However, Avery's increasing paranoia cause him to attempt to trigger this doomsday plan with little provocation.

1) Describe Project Renaissance. What is its purpose, and what would its launch involve? What would be the impact of this plan on the world?

2) Discuss the Authority's general willingness to fall back on Renaissance. Why do some Authority figures believe it will not be necessary, and why do some of them believe it should not be enacted in any case?

3) Explain Avery's decision to launch Renaissance. According to the information he had available, how justified was this decision? Explain the forces that compelled him to make this decision, and what unknown factors could have swayed his decision one way or another.

Essay Topic 2

Mike is torn in multiple directions throughout the novel, and ends up betraying those who trusted him multiple times. In the end, he is unable to live with the consequences of his actions, and has himself embobbled to avoid the scorn of those he has wronged.

1) Discuss Mike's personality traits and background, and how these characteristics affect his loyalty and moral bearing.

2) Describe the reasons that Mike had for working with the Authority to betray the bioscientists. How did Mike feel about this betrayal?

3) Discuss Mike's relationship with and eventual betrayal of Della. What conflicting feelings does Mike experience during this relationship?

4) Explain Mike's perception of himself, and how it changes throughout the course of the novel, eventually causing him to have himself embobbled.

Essay Topic 3

Trust forms an important part of the development of at least two major characters. Both Wili and Paul learn to trust others and reform themselves dramatically after someone else extends them unconditional trust. Although there were significant risks taken in both cases, the results were positive.

1) Explain why Paul decided to trust Wili, and how Wili responded to this trust.

2) Discuss Wili's decision to trust Mike. How was Wili influenced by his own experiences in making this decision, and what effect did it have on Mike?

3) Summarize the theme of trust within the novel and how it initiates character progression.

4) Speculate as to how the story may have progressed differently had Paul or Wili made different decisions with regards to trusting others.

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