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Short Answer Questions

1. Hamilton Avery explains that what area was destroyed by the detonation of a bobble?

2. Della sees the people who were at the chess tournament as which of the following?

3. When Wili and Jeremy return to the chess tournament, what has happened?

4. What is Paul's assessment of Wili's intellectual progress?

5. What did the group that Jeremy's grandfather was a part of come to deal with?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Paul's physical and personality characteristics.

2. According to the bioscientists, what is the nature of and cure for Wili's disease?

3. How do Paul's and Mile's assessments of Wili's illness differ?

4. Explain the factors that contributed to Wili's decision to stay with Paul.

5. What types of advanced technology does Paul introduce to Wili?

6. What is the Santa Yrez Police Company, and why are they present at the Old California Shopping Center?

7. How did Wili's parent's react when they discovered his illness?

8. Who was Sylvester, and what did he do for Wili?

9. How does Wili perform at the chess tournament, and what disadvantage does he face?

10. What is the relationship between the Tinkers and the Authority?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The bioscientists are a group not unlike the Tinkers in their pursuit of knowledge. However, the Authority took issue with them some time before the beginning of the novel, and they have been forced to live underground, sometimes in a literal sense.

1) Describe the bioscientists as an organization, their structure, goals, and capabilities.

2) Discuss the reasons the Authority had for deciding to act against the bioscientists. How were these reasons similar to or different from those that cause them to act against the Tinkers?

3) Compare and contrast the bioscientists and the Tinkers in terms of their respective pursuits of knowledge.

4) The Authority blames the widespread plagues on the bioscientists. Write an assessment of this accusation, using evidence from the book.

Essay Topic 2

Project Renaissance begins as a fall back plan created in the face of an uncertain threat from the Tinkers. However, Avery's increasing paranoia cause him to attempt to trigger this doomsday plan with little provocation.

1) Describe Project Renaissance. What is its purpose, and what would its launch involve? What would be the impact of this plan on the world?

2) Discuss the Authority's general willingness to fall back on Renaissance. Why do some Authority figures believe it will not be necessary, and why do some of them believe it should not be enacted in any case?

3) Explain Avery's decision to launch Renaissance. According to the information he had available, how justified was this decision? Explain the forces that compelled him to make this decision, and what unknown factors could have swayed his decision one way or another.

Essay Topic 3

The bobbles are a defining element of the setting, and all the major events of the novel and of the history leading up to it are shaped by them. They represent a kind of super-weapon, superseding nuclear weapons, and allowing the Peace Authority to control much of the world.

1) Explain what a bobble is, how it is created and destroyed, and what its characteristics are.

2) Describe some uses for bobbles that are seen in the novel.

3) Explain how the Authority is able to control most of the world through their use of bobbles.

4) Discuss the impact that Paul and Wili's rogue bobble-generator has on the world and its political balance.

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