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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Paul think will happen to the bobbles in the coming years?
(a) They will begin shrinking.
(b) They will stop being used by the Authority.
(c) They will continue to collapse.
(d) They will all explode catastrophically.

2. Della suspects that what source of intelligence is being altered?
(a) Radio communications.
(b) Field reports.
(c) Satellite images.
(d) Intelligence reports.

3. How does Wili's relationship with Jill change after he returns to Paul's house?
(a) It degrades; she seems irrationally angry with him.
(b) It improves; she tries to take his attention away from Allison.
(c) It degrades; he is distant from her.
(d) It improves; they become closer friends.

4. How does Kaladze react to Della's goading?
(a) He has her placed under surveillance.
(b) He sends her away.
(c) He reprimands her but does nothing else.
(d) He has her jailed again.

5. What stops Della's attack on the pass?
(a) An electrical weapon.
(b) A defensive bobble.
(c) Tinker firepower.
(d) Hidden ambushes.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long does Wili secretly know that the bobble around the tenement building will last?

2. Avery intends to use the bobbles in what new way?

3. Who creates the first bobble outside of the Authority?

4. What force drives the floating bobble of the tenement building inland?

5. How do Paul and Wili learn about the location of the Authority's embobbling machine?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Wili lose contact with Jill during the final approach to the embobbling position?

2. How does Wili predict where the embobbled tenement building will go?

3. Why does Mike decide to embobble himself?

4. How does Wili manipulate Della and Mike while they are at the demonstration of the power generator?

5. What major intelligence problem does the Authority face during the battle, and what does Della recommend to solve it?

6. How does Mike feel about losing Jeremy inside the bobble at the bioscience lab?

7. What sacrifice does Jill make for Wili?

8. Why does Wili decide to trust Mike?

9. Why does Wili embobble the tenement building during the hottest part of the day?

10. What is Wili's assessment of the situation with Mike and Della?

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