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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Wili deal with the threats around the pass that the Tinker's occupy?
(a) He distracts them.
(b) He bobbles them.
(c) He causes them to attack each other.
(d) He leads them off with false reports.

2. Avery intends to use the bobbles in what new way?
(a) As an offensive weapon.
(b) On critical resources such as arable land.
(c) On individual people.
(d) As fortifications.

3. How does Della goad Kaladze?
(a) She says he is too reliant on Paul.
(b) She questions his intelligence.
(c) She says he is really working for the Authority.
(d) She says his group is too cowardly to act.

4. Allison criticizes Wili for destroying what Authority resource?
(a) The satellite communication system.
(b) A generator.
(c) A supercomputer.
(d) A research lab.

5. How do Paul and Wili learn about the location of the Authority's embobbling machine?
(a) Mike heard Della talk about it.
(b) From intercepted reports.
(c) Jill interpolates it based on a large amount of data.
(d) Allison learned about it before she was embobbled.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Allison force Wili to reveal how he knows her?

2. What is Kaladze's group waiting for?

3. When Della and Mike corner Wili, what does Della tell Mike to do?

4. During the battle, what is Avery's main focus?

5. Paul is severely injured during what stage of the battle?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Wili manipulate the Authority's communication system for the Tinker's advantage?

2. How does Wili predict where the embobbled tenement building will go?

3. How does Mike feel about losing Jeremy inside the bobble at the bioscience lab?

4. Why does Wili lose contact with Jill during the final approach to the embobbling position?

5. What sacrifice does Jill make for Wili?

6. How does Wili manipulate Della and Mike while they are at the demonstration of the power generator?

7. Why does Wili embobble the tenement building during the hottest part of the day?

8. What important bobbles does Paul say are due to collapse soon?

9. What fears do Mike and Allison express when the group returns to Paul's home?

10. How does Avery lose control over the situation early in the battle with the Tinkers?

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