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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jill urge Wili to do as the embobbling program nears completion?
(a) To run from the approaching Authority agents.
(b) To embobble the entire enclave.
(c) To kill Della.
(d) To embobble only Avery.

2. What does Della do while she is out on a walk with Mike?
(a) She hides some surveillance equipment.
(b) She plants a tracking device on him.
(c) She threatens him again.
(d) She takes careful note of all of her surroundings.

3. What type of intelligence gathering does Della recommend that Avery employ?
(a) Manual reconnaissance.
(b) Combat patrols.
(c) Encrypted relaying.
(d) Interrogation.

4. When Della and Mike corner Wili, what does Della tell Mike to do?
(a) Get the attention of the Authority agents.
(b) Hold Wili captive.
(c) Find a weapon to kill Wili with.
(d) Force Wili to talk.

5. Why does Avery refuse Della's suggestion for a response to the disturbance at the road block?
(a) There are no resources available.
(b) The system is not ready yet.
(c) He doesn't trust Della.
(d) The coordinates are not clear.

Short Answer Questions

1. Wili dedicates himself to studying what topic?

2. What does Della want to do with Kaladze?

3. What does Della do to stop the violence around the enclave?

4. What does Wili reveal about the nature of bobbles?

5. What stops Della's attack on the pass?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Wili's abilities compare to Paul's?

2. What is Renaissance?

3. How does Wili manipulate the Authority's communication system for the Tinker's advantage?

4. What is Wili's assessment of the situation with Mike and Della?

5. Why does Avery believe the Tinkers should be wiped out?

6. What fears do Mike and Allison express when the group returns to Paul's home?

7. Why does Wili lose contact with Jill during the final approach to the embobbling position?

8. How is Wili able to move safely through the dangerous neighborhoods around the embobbled tenement building?

9. Why are Paul and the others stopped on the road to the Authority enclave?

10. What important bobbles does Paul say are due to collapse soon?

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