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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What aspect of bobbles contributes to the artificial ecosystem around them?
(a) The sunlight they reflect.
(b) They electromagnetic waves they emit.
(c) The vibrations that they cause.
(d) They disturbances they create in the soil.

2. What cover does Paul plan to use to conceal his reasons for taking Wili for treatment?
(a) An alternate identity as a merchant.
(b) A chess tournament.
(c) A conference about technology.
(d) A meeting with an old friend.

3. The pain from Wili's sickness is primarily concentrated where?
(a) In his head.
(b) In his spine.
(c) In his stomach.
(d) In his chest.

4. What usual crop is often grown near bobbles?
(a) Tangerines.
(b) Bananas.
(c) Soy beans.
(d) Poppy seeds.

5. To whom does Allison intend to report her findings about Livermore?
(a) Paul Hoehler.
(b) Miguel Rosas.
(c) Angus Quiller.
(d) Fred Torres.

6. Where does Avery believe the blast that shattered the bobble originated?
(a) From California.
(b) From within the bobble.
(c) From the Peace Authority.
(d) From somewhere in Asia.

7. It is believed that bobbles last for how long?
(a) Indefinitely.
(b) Ten years.
(c) A hundred years.
(d) A thousand years.

8. Why does Wili initially intend to stay with Paul?
(a) He wants to learn his secrets.
(b) He genuinely wants to learn from him.
(c) He wants to regain his strength.
(d) He is curious about Paul's devices.

9. What devices do Paul and the others use to help protect them from their pursuers?
(a) Automated sentries.
(b) Stun guns.
(c) Laser detectors.
(d) Cameras.

10. What arcade game does Wiki Wachendon win repeatedly at the Old California Shopping Center?
(a) Lancer.
(b) Quest.
(c) Space Destruction.
(d) Celest.

11. Jill, the being that Wili initially took for a ghost, is really what?
(a) A psychic projection.
(b) A hallucination.
(c) A hologram.
(d) A computer simulation.

12. Why does Wili believe he will be killed if he returns to the factions?
(a) He would be seen as a traitor.
(b) He would no longer know the latest passwords.
(c) He might have shared their secrets.
(d) He might have been corrupted by outside ideas.

13. At the tournament, who does Wili note has not been taken by the Authority?
(a) His final opponent.
(b) Della Lu.
(c) The tournament organizer.
(d) Jeremy.

14. Allison and Angus realize that which of the following is likely to draw attention?
(a) An automatic distress beacon in their aircraft.
(b) A flare they accidentally launched.
(c) A forest fire started by their crash.
(d) Smoke from their crash.

15. Where does Angus believe he and Allison have crashed?
(a) Earth, in the past.
(b) Asia.
(c) Another planet.
(d) Central America.

Short Answer Questions

1. What date was printed on the tombstone Angus saw at the crash site?

2. What does Paul use for transportation?

3. What do Paul's guests bring with them?

4. What is the outcome of the match between Wili and Della Lu?

5. The woman who greets Mike, Wili, and Jeremy at the entrance to the bioscience lab tells them what?

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