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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Wili and Jeremy return to the chess tournament, what has happened?
(a) The tournament is mysteriously deserted.
(b) Everyone there has been taken by the Authority.
(c) The area is surrounded by soldiers.
(d) The hotel has been bobbled.

2. What aspect of bobbles contributes to the artificial ecosystem around them?
(a) The sunlight they reflect.
(b) The vibrations that they cause.
(c) They electromagnetic waves they emit.
(d) They disturbances they create in the soil.

3. Where does Allison think their aircraft crashed?
(a) A cemetery.
(b) A factory.
(c) A schoolyard.
(d) A church.

4. What is the outcome of the match between Wili and Della Lu?
(a) Della Lu unexpectedly concedes.
(b) Wili wins by checkmate.
(c) Della Lu wins by checkmate.
(d) The match is a draw.

5. What does Mike tell Wili to do in his last match?
(a) Take his time.
(b) Watch his opponent carefully.
(c) Win only by a small margin.
(d) Lose.

6. To whom does Allison intend to report her findings about Livermore?
(a) Paul Hoehler.
(b) Angus Quiller.
(c) Fred Torres.
(d) Miguel Rosas.

7. Allison and Angus realize that which of the following is likely to draw attention?
(a) A forest fire started by their crash.
(b) A flare they accidentally launched.
(c) An automatic distress beacon in their aircraft.
(d) Smoke from their crash.

8. What unusual being does Wili believe he sees in Paul's house?
(a) A ghost.
(b) A dwarf.
(c) An alien.
(d) A monster.

9. What course of action regarding Wili Wachendon do Paul and Sheriff Wentz decide against?
(a) Placing him with a local family.
(b) Sending him back to the factions.
(c) Putting him in school.
(d) Forcing him to work off his debt.

10. What was Wili's social status in the factions?
(a) Laborer.
(b) Servant.
(c) Serf.
(d) Slave.

11. Where is Paul's house located?
(a) In another town.
(b) The mountains.
(c) At the border of town.
(d) Near the river.

12. What position does Miguel Rosas hold?
(a) Lieutenant.
(b) Captain.
(c) Mayor.
(d) Under-sheriff.

13. What cover does Paul plan to use to conceal his reasons for taking Wili for treatment?
(a) A chess tournament.
(b) A conference about technology.
(c) A meeting with an old friend.
(d) An alternate identity as a merchant.

14. Where does the unusual activity occur that Allison observes in Livermore?
(a) In a warehouse.
(b) At an abandoned military base.
(c) Aboard a tanker.
(d) Underground.

15. What happened to Vandenburg?
(a) It was deserted for unknown reasons.
(b) It was completely bobbled.
(c) It was wracked by plague.
(d) It was destroyed by a nuclear blast.

Short Answer Questions

1. Paul tells Wili that two moving points of light in the sky are what?

2. How does Wili react to losing his final match?

3. At the tournament, who does Wili note has not been taken by the Authority?

4. What happens to Angus during the Authority's attempt to capture the crash survivors?

5. How many nuclear bombs does the Peace Authority believe it controls?

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