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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What evidence causes the Authority to suspect the Tinkers possess an advanced technology?
(a) Observation of Paul's home.
(b) The collapse of the first bobbles.
(c) The Tinker's ability to move and coordinate quickly.
(d) Allison's crashed aircraft.

2. What does Paul disguise himself as when he leaves the Kaladze area?
(a) A private law enforcement agent.
(b) An Authority officer.
(c) A woman.
(d) A traveler.

3. What usual crop is often grown near bobbles?
(a) Bananas.
(b) Soy beans.
(c) Poppy seeds.
(d) Tangerines.

4. Della explains that the Authority believes the Tinkers have achieved what advanced technology?
(a) Space travel.
(b) Teleportation.
(c) Flight.
(d) Time travel.

5. How does Wili react to losing his final match?
(a) He becomes upset.
(b) He is unaffected.
(c) He is happy to have had such an interesting game.
(d) He attacks his opponent.

6. Wili claims his sickness gets worse when?
(a) When he is away from home.
(b) In the summer.
(c) In the winter.
(d) When he is overworked.

7. Where do Wili, Mike, and Della go after they return to the shore?
(a) The Kaladze stronghold.
(b) Red Arrow Industries.
(c) Paul's home.
(d) The Tinker's base.

8. Why does Paul pass out while trying to help Allison escape capture?
(a) He has a seizure.
(b) He overexerts himself.
(c) He is struck by a stun gun.
(d) He hits his head on a rock.

9. What course of action regarding Wili Wachendon do Paul and Sheriff Wentz decide against?
(a) Placing him with a local family.
(b) Forcing him to work off his debt.
(c) Sending him back to the factions.
(d) Putting him in school.

10. What is the entrance to the bioscience lab disguised as?
(a) An orchard.
(b) A wheat field.
(c) A dairy farm.
(d) A vineyard.

11. Where does Avery believe the blast that shattered the bobble originated?
(a) From California.
(b) From the Peace Authority.
(c) From within the bobble.
(d) From somewhere in Asia.

12. Why does Wili initially intend to stay with Paul?
(a) He wants to learn his secrets.
(b) He genuinely wants to learn from him.
(c) He is curious about Paul's devices.
(d) He wants to regain his strength.

13. Allison and Angus realize that which of the following is likely to draw attention?
(a) An automatic distress beacon in their aircraft.
(b) A forest fire started by their crash.
(c) Smoke from their crash.
(d) A flare they accidentally launched.

14. Wili notes that most of those attending the tournament where what?
(a) Locals.
(b) Bioscientists.
(c) Tinkers.
(d) Faction members.

15. What unusual structure does Angus report having seen during the crash?
(a) A strangely alien monument.
(b) An artificial mountain.
(c) An impossibly tall spire.
(d) An enormous sphere.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Wili lack that most of the other chess players have?

2. The pain from Wili's sickness is primarily concentrated where?

3. What does Wili intend to do when he leaves Paul's house?

4. How does Wili say he learned about Mike's cooperation with the Authority?

5. What does Jeremy's family's business do?

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