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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Wili's sickness causes what to fall out easily?
(a) A toenail.
(b) A fingernail.
(c) A tooth.
(d) His hair.

2. What do Paul's guests bring with them?
(a) Unusual devices.
(b) Food.
(c) Secret messages.
(d) Gifts.

3. Wili claims his sickness gets worse when?
(a) When he is away from home.
(b) When he is overworked.
(c) In the winter.
(d) In the summer.

4. What do Paul and the others leave behind for their pursuers?
(a) The wagon.
(b) A note.
(c) Some of their food.
(d) A trap.

5. What organization was Jeremy's grandfather a part of?
(a) The Red Arrow Battalion.
(b) The Advance Guard.
(c) The Mechanized Recon Group.
(d) The Covert Reaction Brigade.

6. What does Della say the Authority intends to do with the Tinkers?
(a) Eliminate them entirely.
(b) Break up their organization.
(c) Kill off their leaders.
(d) Arrest them.

7. What does Paul try to convince Jeremy's grandfather of?
(a) That he should help fight the Authority.
(b) That he should produce an untested device for Paul.
(c) That he is in danger.
(d) That he should relocate the company.

8. What is Della's mission?
(a) To bring down the Tinkers.
(b) To keep Wili safe.
(c) To steal Paul's technology.
(d) To find Paul Hoehler.

9. How do Allison and Angus react when they see planes flying near their crash site?
(a) They prepare for an attack.
(b) They flee.
(c) They try to hide.
(d) They try to signal them.

10. Wili notes that most of those attending the tournament where what?
(a) Bioscientists.
(b) Tinkers.
(c) Faction members.
(d) Locals.

11. Hamilton Avery explains that what area was destroyed by the detonation of a bobble?
(a) Metropolitan Los Angeles.
(b) Greater Tucson.
(c) The Oregon range.
(d) The Californian shelf.

12. Why have others often urged Paul to take on an apprentice?
(a) To provide more jobs in the community.
(b) So he can pass on his knowledge.
(c) So they can steal his techniques.
(d) To help him in his workshop.

13. What was the main role of the group that Jeremy's grandfather was a part of?
(a) Sabotage.
(b) Counter-intelligence.
(c) Reconnaissance.
(d) Combat.

14. What date was printed on the tombstone Angus saw at the crash site?
(a) A nonsensical date.
(b) The date of the crash.
(c) A date far in the past.
(d) A date far in the future.

15. When she is first introduced, where had Della Lu recently returned from?
(a) Estonia.
(b) Pakistan.
(c) Ethiopia.
(d) Mongolia.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Wili call Paul's home?

2. When Wili and Jeremy return to the chess tournament, what has happened?

3. Della explains that the Authority believes the Tinkers have achieved what advanced technology?

4. At the tournament, who does Wili note has not been taken by the Authority?

5. What is the outcome of the match between Wili and Della Lu?

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