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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Paul and the others leave behind for their pursuers?
(a) Some of their food.
(b) The wagon.
(c) A note.
(d) A trap.

2. Wili notes that most of those attending the tournament where what?
(a) Faction members.
(b) Locals.
(c) Bioscientists.
(d) Tinkers.

3. Why does Wili initially intend to stay with Paul?
(a) He wants to regain his strength.
(b) He genuinely wants to learn from him.
(c) He is curious about Paul's devices.
(d) He wants to learn his secrets.

4. What type of transportation do most of the people at the Old California Shopping Center use?
(a) Primitive automobiles.
(b) Solar-powered vehicles.
(c) Motorcycles.
(d) Horses and wagons.

5. Jill, the being that Wili initially took for a ghost, is really what?
(a) A hologram.
(b) A computer simulation.
(c) A hallucination.
(d) A psychic projection.

6. What position does Miguel Rosas hold?
(a) Captain.
(b) Under-sheriff.
(c) Mayor.
(d) Lieutenant.

7. Wili's sickness causes what to fall out easily?
(a) A fingernail.
(b) A tooth.
(c) His hair.
(d) A toenail.

8. When Wili and Jeremy return to the chess tournament, what has happened?
(a) The area is surrounded by soldiers.
(b) The hotel has been bobbled.
(c) The tournament is mysteriously deserted.
(d) Everyone there has been taken by the Authority.

9. Where is Paul's house located?
(a) At the border of town.
(b) In another town.
(c) The mountains.
(d) Near the river.

10. What does Mike tell Wili to do in his last match?
(a) Lose.
(b) Take his time.
(c) Watch his opponent carefully.
(d) Win only by a small margin.

11. What was Wili's social status in the factions?
(a) Slave.
(b) Servant.
(c) Serf.
(d) Laborer.

12. What is Della Lu's specialization?
(a) Nuclear engineering.
(b) Technology.
(c) Marksmanship.
(d) Espionage.

13. What is Paul as known as?
(a) The fixer.
(b) The tinker wizard.
(c) The tech genius.
(d) The alchemist.

14. What is Wili's assessment of his intellectual progress?
(a) He is despondent over it.
(b) He has no opinion about it.
(c) He is frustrated with it.
(d) He is overconfident in it.

15. What arcade game does Wiki Wachendon win repeatedly at the Old California Shopping Center?
(a) Space Destruction.
(b) Lancer.
(c) Quest.
(d) Celest.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Della say the Authority intends to do with the Tinkers?

2. Where does Angus believe he and Allison have crashed?

3. What devices do Paul and the others use to help protect them from their pursuers?

4. What does Angus go in search of after the crash?

5. What is the outcome of the match between Wili and Della Lu?

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