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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 13 through 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Della Lu's specialization?
(a) Technology.
(b) Nuclear engineering.
(c) Marksmanship.
(d) Espionage.

2. What does Mike tell Wili to do in his last match?
(a) Win only by a small margin.
(b) Take his time.
(c) Watch his opponent carefully.
(d) Lose.

3. What does Della threaten Mike with, should he fail to cooperate with her?
(a) She will have his hometown bobbled.
(b) She will tell everyone that he's been spying for the Authority for years.
(c) She will arrest both he and Wili.
(d) She will have his family executed.

4. How does Wili react to losing his final match?
(a) He is unaffected.
(b) He attacks his opponent.
(c) He is happy to have had such an interesting game.
(d) He becomes upset.

5. When she is first introduced, where had Della Lu recently returned from?
(a) Ethiopia.
(b) Estonia.
(c) Mongolia.
(d) Pakistan.

Short Answer Questions

1. What arcade game does Wiki Wachendon win repeatedly at the Old California Shopping Center?

2. What devices do Paul and the others use to help protect them from their pursuers?

3. Wili notes that a nearby bobble contains what?

4. What does Angus say was unusual about the tombstone he saw at the crash site?

5. The woman who greets Mike, Wili, and Jeremy at the entrance to the bioscience lab tells them what?

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