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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 28 through 33.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Wili ask Kaladze to do with Della and Mike?
(a) Place tracking devices on them.
(b) Keep them locked up.
(c) Hold them for ten days.
(d) Keep them under surveillance.

2. What happened to Vandenburg?
(a) It was destroyed by a nuclear blast.
(b) It was completely bobbled.
(c) It was wracked by plague.
(d) It was deserted for unknown reasons.

3. What organization was Jeremy's grandfather a part of?
(a) The Advance Guard.
(b) The Mechanized Recon Group.
(c) The Covert Reaction Brigade.
(d) The Red Arrow Battalion.

4. What does Avery say Della has reported to him about Paul?
(a) He has gone mad.
(b) He is planning an attack.
(c) He is creating new weapons for the Tinkers.
(d) He is building his own bobble generator.

5. What type of transportation do most of the people at the Old California Shopping Center use?
(a) Solar-powered vehicles.
(b) Primitive automobiles.
(c) Motorcycles.
(d) Horses and wagons.

Short Answer Questions

1. How close do Paul and Wili need to be to embobble a target?

2. Paul tells Wili that two moving points of light in the sky are what?

3. What does Della use to indicate Wili's location to the Authority as he tries to escape from the tenement building area?

4. What item does Angus pick up as he recovers from the crash?

5. What does Della do while she is out on a walk with Mike?

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