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Santa Ynez Police Company - This group is a private protection force headed by Seymour Wentz with Mike Rosas as the second-in-command.

The Old California Shopping Center - Many Tinkers go to this place to buy, sell, and trade their wares.

Bobble - This object is a large impenetrable sphere that is believed to cause death to every living thing trapped inside but that actually only stops time.

Jill - This is the holographic computer interface used by Paul and Wili to solve problems and conduct surveillance.

Red Arrow - This battalion of soldiers arrived in California to investigate the bobbles.

The Peace Authority - The rulers of the world, this organization actually represents a thinly-disguised dictatorship.

The Authority Enclave - Much of the world is governed from this secure location, where a major battle occurs.

Tinkers - This loosely organized group of people create advanced technological...

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