The Peace War Character Descriptions

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Wili Wachendon

This talented young man quickly grows to match and even exceed the abilities of his mentor.

Paul Naismith

This brilliant scientist first devised the concept of the bobble.

Allison Parker

This member of the United States Air Force is caught in one of the first bobbles to be used.

Miguel Rosas

This person is an under-sheriff in a private law enforcement agency.

Jeremy Kaladze

This person is the grandson of the leader of the Red Arrow Company.

Della Lu

This agent of the Peace Authority is tasked with tracking down a skilled Tinker and eventually rejects and turns on the Authority.

Hamilton Avery

This character is in charge of the Authority in North America.

Nikolai Sergeivich Kaladze

This character governs an independent group that came to America at the time the first bobbles were appearing.

Seymour Wentz

This character is a sheriff in a private law...

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