The Patron Saint of Liars Short Essay - Answer Key

Ann Patchett
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1. Describe Rose and the role that religion plays in her life.

Rose is a young Catholic girl growing up in San Diego, California. Rose's father dies when she is only three. Rose believes she has memories of him, but later realizes she does not. Rose is devoted to her religion and believes God will give her a sign that tells her if she should marry and have a family, or become a nun.

2. Describe the amazing find on George Clatterbuck's property and how it saved his little daughter, June.

In Habit, a spring bubbles up to the surface in a pasture belonging to farmer, George Clatterbuck. Clatterbuck notices it first when he is out hunting for his family's dinner. The spring smelled bad and he thought it meant bad luck. However, when George's horses get free and drink from the spring, they suddenly overcome minor ailments. As George's cows become ill and stop nursing their young, George decides to take them to the spring and see if that will heal them. It does. Some time later, when George's three-year-old daughter, June, becomes ill, he brings her some of the water and it heals her.

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