Objects & Places from The Patron Saint of Liars

Ann Patchett
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Son has a mark on his shoulder with the name of his first love, Cecilia, written in it.


Thomas Clinton gives Sissy these images of her mother from before she came to Kentucky, giving Sissy a piece of her mother that she was never allowed before.

Detective Magazines

Beatrice enjoys these and she saves one particularly juicy sounding story for the day she goes into labor with her twin boys.

Dining Room

The unwed mothers all eat here at meal times.

1965 Dodge Dart

Rose takes this vehicle when she leaves California for Kentucky.


Son's Cecilia, his first love, dies while swimming at this place.

Groundskeeper's House

Son lives here on the property behind St. Elizabeth's and works as a handyman for the nuns.

Clatterbuck Farm and House

This is the land where the spring appears and therefore the land on which St. Elizabeth's stands.

St. Elizabeth's Kitchen

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