The Patron Saint of Liars Character Descriptions

Ann Patchett
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Martha Rose Sloan Clinton Abbott

She admires her mother, loves to watch her help people at her makeup counter in the department store where she works, even if she does not always like the advice her mother gives her at home.

Wilson 'Son' Abbott

From the time he is a small child, he is in love with a girl named Cecilia.

Cecilia 'Sissy' Abbott

She turns to the unwed mothers living at the hotel for the compassion and devotion she should have gotten from her mother.

Thomas Clinton

He is a shy man who has trouble talking with women; in fact, before getting up the courage to ask his wife out the first time, he follows her for months.

Helen Sloan

She is a very beautiful woman who is widowed at a young age and devotes her life to her only child.

Sister Evangeline

She is in charge...

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