The Patron Saint of Liars Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Ann Patchett
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Part 1, Habit and Part 2, Rose: Chapter 1

• Rose is a young Catholic girl growing up in San Diego, California, and being raised by her mother because her father died in a car accident when Rose was three years old.

• Rose is devoted to her religion and believes God will send her a sign that tells her if she should marry and have a family or become a nun.

• In Habit, Kentucky, a healing spring bubbles up on the farm belonging to George Clatterbuck and in addition to sick animals, water from the spring also cures his three-year-old daughter, June.

• A wealthy man named Lewis Nelson built a hotel--the Hotel Louisa--nearby the spring after his wife, Louisa, was cured of arthritis.
• After the spring dried up, the Nelsons donated the land to the Catholic Church and the hotel became a home for unwed mothers.

• Rose Clinton is pregnant and has...

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