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Robert Caro
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The woman in #136 was said to have been a/an ___________ princess.
(a) English.
(b) French.
(c) Viking.
(d) German.

2. Whose needs did Lyndon always serve first?
(a) His campaign staff.
(b) His family.
(c) The disenfranchised.
(d) The important people.

3. Which company was the principal source of funds for Lyndon's run for Congress in 1941 and violated IRS contribution rules?
(a) General Electric.
(b) IBM.
(c) Cisco.
(d) Brown & Root.

4. What was the pace of the lifestyle on Capitol Hill?
(a) Measured.
(b) Leisurely.
(c) Robust.
(d) Frantic.

5. For how many years had the person in #169 held the Senate seat?
(a) 41 years.
(b) 33 years.
(c) 27 years.
(d) 15 years.

6. What had really helped the people in Lyndon's district by this time?
(a) Minimum Wage Laws.
(b) Expanding oil business.
(c) New ranching techniques.
(d) The New Deal.

7. A criticism of Lyndon emerged in that he lacked ______________.
(a) empathy.
(b) morals.
(c) sincerity.
(d) education.

8. Lyndon made progress by befriending people with offices in the White House and _________________.
(a) Capitol Hill.
(b) the Texas governor's office.
(c) the New Deal office.
(d) the Texas legislature.

9. Lyndon's political career was a result of ____________________.
(a) great fundraising.
(b) relentless striving.
(c) being in the right place at the right time.
(d) constituent loyalty.

10. With what woman did Lyndon become infatuated during this period?
(a) Alice Glass.
(b) Elaine Morgan.
(c) Delores Stanton.
(d) Sara Roosevelt.

11. What was the predominant crop in the Texas Hill Country?
(a) Corn.
(b) Wheat.
(c) Soybeans.
(d) Cotton.

12. Who was Lyndon's wife?
(a) Loretta.
(b) Lucinda.
(c) Lady Bird.
(d) Linda Bird.

13. What district in Texas did Lyndon represent?
(a) Tenth.
(b) First.
(c) Fifth.
(d) Twelfth.

14. Who especially hated FDR in Texas?
(a) Bankers.
(b) Working men.
(c) Some industry leaders.
(d) Farmers.

15. Whose support did Lyndon garner with his association with this project?
(a) Morton.
(b) Smithson.
(c) Wirth.
(d) Buckley.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did FDR refuse to do with the items that Lyndon sent?

2. By 1940 it had been observed that whoever _____________________ usually wins the election.

3. What was the tone of the letters Lyndon wrote during his time on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee?

4. What items did Lyndon send to FDR?

5. Who was Franklin Roosevelt's wife?

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