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Robert Caro
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What challenge did Lyndon have when trying to attain the Congressional seat?
(a) His wife did not like politics.
(b) He did not have the money to run a campaign.
(c) He was not politically savvy.
(d) No one knew who he was.

2. Who won the Senate seat coveted by Lyndon?
(a) Albert Hall.
(b) Frederick Clark.
(c) "Pappy" O'Daniel.
(d) Willie Starks.

3. What was John Nance Garner's nickname?
(a) Pecos Pete.
(b) Texas Two-Timer.
(c) Cactus Jack.
(d) Speedy Gonzalez.

4. For how many years had the person in #169 held the Senate seat?
(a) 27 years.
(b) 41 years.
(c) 15 years.
(d) 33 years.

5. Who was Franklin Roosevelt's wife?
(a) Sara.
(b) Jane.
(c) Eleanor.
(d) Tillie.

6. With what statewide agency was the person in #145 associated?
(a) National Youth Administration.
(b) American Red Cross.
(c) Social Security Administration.
(d) Civilian Conservation Corps.

7. A criticism of Lyndon emerged in that he lacked ______________.
(a) morals.
(b) education.
(c) sincerity.
(d) empathy.

8. With what project did Lyndon align himself to gain some publicity?
(a) Minimum Wage Law.
(b) The dam project.
(c) Civil Rights Law.
(d) The Vietnam War.

9. Who is the assistant that Lyndon gets appointed to a permanent position in a statewide agency?
(a) Michael Weston.
(b) James Hall.
(c) Jesse Kellam.
(d) Clayton Burgess.

10. Who did the woman in #136 invite to Longlea as house guests to prove a point?
(a) Ranchers.
(b) CCC workers.
(c) Refugee European Jews.
(d) Migrant workers.

11. Who was an important figure in the building of the dam?
(a) Tyler Moore.
(b) Donald Swenson.
(c) James Everman.
(d) Herman Brown.

12. What was the age range of those in the "lost generation"?
(a) 16-35.
(b) 21-30.
(c) 18-25.
(d) 65-100.

13. What was Sam Rayburn's physical build?
(a) Lean and lanky.
(b) Short and stocky.
(c) Big and tall.
(d) Diminuitive.

14. Who was the older man who was especially vulnerable to Lyndon's charming ways?
(a) Frederick Clark.
(b) Edward Miller.
(c) William Buckley.
(d) Charles Marsh.

15. How did Lyndon make political inroads due to an untimely death of a colleague?
(a) He helped the colleague's family.
(b) He knew the colleague's assistant well.
(c) He delivered the eulogy.
(d) He completed the colleague's important work.

Short Answer Questions

1. Lyndon made progress by befriending people with offices in the White House and _________________.

2. What organization within the government did Lyndon revitalize?

3. What element of Sam Rayburn's personality was well known?

4. What was the predominant crop in the Texas Hill Country?

5. The dam built in the Hill Country of Texas was built to control flooding along what river?

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