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Robert Caro
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Lyndon get to meet FDR?
(a) By being on the Committee to Re-Elect the President.
(b) By heading up the Democratic National Convention.
(c) By sending a complimentary letter.
(d) By sponsoring New Deal initiatives.

2. Which company was the principal source of funds for Lyndon's run for Congress in 1941 and violated IRS contribution rules?
(a) Brown & Root.
(b) Cisco.
(c) IBM.
(d) General Electric.

3. Who was the older man who was especially vulnerable to Lyndon's charming ways?
(a) William Buckley.
(b) Charles Marsh.
(c) Frederick Clark.
(d) Edward Miller.

4. How did Lyndon's physical appearance change in the years between 1937 and 1941?
(a) He gained weight.
(b) He went bald.
(c) He grew taller.
(d) He lost a lot of weight.

5. What had really helped the people in Lyndon's district by this time?
(a) The New Deal.
(b) New ranching techniques.
(c) Expanding oil business.
(d) Minimum Wage Laws.

6. What position did Lyndon accept in 1940?
(a) Vice President of the U.S.
(b) Governor of Texas.
(c) Speaker of the House of Representatives.
(d) Lieutenant Commander of the U.S. Navy.

7. Lyndon made progress by befriending people with offices in the White House and _________________.
(a) Capitol Hill.
(b) the Texas legislature.
(c) the Texas governor's office.
(d) the New Deal office.

8. It was widely understood that Lyndon had no ______________ of his own.
(a) money.
(b) opinions.
(c) constitutents.
(d) property.

9. Who especially hated FDR in Texas?
(a) Bankers.
(b) Farmers.
(c) Some industry leaders.
(d) Working men.

10. People came to realize that Sam Rayburn was _________________.
(a) a liar.
(b) not for sale.
(c) a coward.
(d) uneducated.

11. A criticism of Lyndon emerged in that he lacked ______________.
(a) education.
(b) sincerity.
(c) morals.
(d) empathy.

12. Who is the assistant that Lyndon gets appointed to a permanent position in a statewide agency?
(a) Jesse Kellam.
(b) Michael Weston.
(c) Clayton Burgess.
(d) James Hall.

13. How could Sam Rayburn's personality best be described?
(a) Shy.
(b) Sullen.
(c) Retiring.
(d) Very strong.

14. What was it called when a campaign contributor siphoned money from more than one of his businesses to make a contribution?
(a) A finagle.
(b) A boondoggle.
(c) A tax write off.
(d) Standard practice.

15. How many aides did Lyndon have while working for Congressman Klerberg?
(a) 5.
(b) 3.
(c) 1.
(d) 2.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what year did Lyndon win his first Congressional seat?

2. Who was an important figure in the building of the dam?

3. What government program did Lyndon not embrace fully?

4. What was the tone of the letters Lyndon wrote during his time on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee?

5. In what manner did Lyndon serve toward superiors?

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