The Path to Power Short Essay - Answer Key

Robert Caro
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1. In the Introduction, what does the author say about Lyndon Johnson's professional relationship with a man who could change his financial future?

During the Introduction, he describes how Lyndon Johnson, in his early thirties at the time, is offered an opportunity to go from being financially poor to quite well off. He realizes that he is essentially in luck, and that an older man is offering to save him from financial difficulties in a way that should last for the remainder of his life.

2. What are the physical characteristics of the Bunton side of Lyndon's ancestry?

Buntons had extremely pale skin, "magnolia white" and equally extremely dark drown eyes - so dark one would easily miss it for black. The men were big and strong. They had a piercing gaze. The women were much smaller, but were equally vigorous on the female scale of things and shared the same sharp gaze, dark eyes and light skin.

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