The Path to Power Character Descriptions

Robert Caro
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Robert Caro

He is a professional biographer and the author of this book.

Lyndon Baines Johnson

This man is the subject of the book.

Rebekah Baines Johnson

She was the mother of the man who is the subject of this book.

John Wheeler Bunton

This is the man who was able to succeed so well out in Texas that his descendants used him to set a standard.

Sam Rayburn

This man was a politician from North Texas, a senator and even Speaker of the House for some time.

Cactus Jack

This is the nickname of one of the most prominent politicians from the gigantic state of Texas.

Sam Johnson

He was the father of the subject of this book.

Gene Latimer

He was one of Lyndon Johnson's first assistants.

Lady Bird

This was the famous nickname for the woman who dared to marry Lyndon Johnson and actually remained...

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