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Robert Caro
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Book 1, The Trap : Chapter 1, Introduction & Chapter 1

• In the Introduction, Lyndon Johnson is a man in his early thirties being offered an opportunity for wealth from an older man.

• The author introduces the Bunton side of Lyndon's family and describes them as extremely pale with large, dark, piercing eyes.

• The Buntons were known to be ambitious with fiery temperaments and strong practicality, the combination of which contributed to their success.

• The Johnson line of Lyndon's family was weaker because of their lack of practicality, although they shared many of the other qualities of the Buntons.
• The Buntons and Johnsons came from the Texas Hill Country, an area that was hard to conquer and settle, even though it was considered a true paradise in its natural state.

• The Texas Hill Country was covered in a lot of grass enabled by fires, both natural ones set off by lightning and also...

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