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David McCullough
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Short Answer Questions

1. John Walker does not accept the mosquito theory and insists the solution is what?

2. How have George W. Goethals' successors followed his aesthetic and military decision by allowing the jungle to get how close to the shore?

3. A Panamanian National Constitutional Convention is held on January 15, 1904, and a National Assembly elects whom as President?

4. Who serves as quartermaster general during World War I, finishes his career on Wall Street, and is buried at West Point in 1928?

5. Who heads the U.S. Army's medical service during World War I and dies in London in 1920?

Short Essay Questions

1. What became of Phillippee Banau-Varilla?

2. On what issue in the Canal Zone does Theodore Roosevelt place his utmost priority?

3. What is historically significant for Panama about January 15, 1904?

4. How is it the U.S. must come to grips with Article 35 of the Bidack Treaty in regard to Panama?

5. What is the social life like in Panama for canal workers during Goethals' time?

6. Why is Colonel William Crawford Gorgas sent to Panama?

7. What is the design of the largest moving part of the canal system?

8. What would be an accurate description of John Stevens, the second chief engineer in Panama?

9. George Washington Goethals did not have the easy way with people as his predecessor John Stevens did, so what steps did he take for effective leadership?

10. Where does David McCullough get his subtitle for Chapter 12?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When the seven-headed ICC is replaced with a three-member version, it is chaired by Theodore Perry Shonts. How effective is the ICC's new chairman? What actions does he take to ensure success? Does he abide by the rules? What successes does he achieve? What failures does he encounter?

Essay Topic 2

John Wallace is the first chief engineer for the American project at Panama. Why is he selected? What is his background? What pluses and what minus does he bring? What successes does he achieve, and what failures occur on his watch, this initial period? Why does he leave the job?

Essay Topic 3

Ferdinand de Lesseps begins publishing his "Bullet in du Canal Interocyanique" and George W. Goethals his "Canal Record. How are they alike? How do they differ? Are they merely propaganda organs, or is there some legitimacy to them? How effective is each?

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