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David McCullough
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Short Answer Questions

1. Company physicians agree on what as the best advice regarding the maladies associated with Panama?

2. An illustrated, anti-Semitic daily, La Libre Parole receives attention in September 1892 as it starts featuring exposes of the "Jewish plot in Panama" and the Minister of Justice orders what?

3. What 100+ edition, 1,000+ page book holding Jews responsible for all woes appears in 1886, and when the Compagnie Universelle fails, whose "history" of the firm is a best seller in 1890?

4. Which investigative group of the Panama Affair holds 63 sessions, receives 158 depositions, complies over 1,000 dossiers, but issues a report that embarrasses no colleagues?

5. The liquidator's ordering a halt to work on the Isthmus instigates what among workers and shareholders?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who are the three prominent directors of the Turr Syndicate and what are their backgrounds?

2. The chances against Panama being selected as the location for a canal over Nicaragua are reportedly 100 to 1, until what two events occur?

3. What is the subtitle for Chapter 3, "Consensus of One," a reference to?

4. How is the work organized under the French?

5. How does the press report the situation three weeks subsequent to the fire destroying Colon?

6. What are some of the problems author David McCullouch finds Ferdinand de Lesseps has as being key to his failure?

7. What is the situation like in Panama when Phillippe Banau-Varilla is appointed acting director of the French project?

8. What is the result of Gaston Blanchet's proposal for a 400' wide swath to ease surveying?

9. What critical things transpire in regard to the French canal project in July 1886?

10. What is the most important committee, and how does Ferdinand de Lesseps steer it?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When the seven-headed ICC is replaced with a three-member version, it is chaired by Theodore Perry Shonts. How effective is the ICC's new chairman? What actions does he take to ensure success? Does he abide by the rules? What successes does he achieve? What failures does he encounter?

Essay Topic 2

Ferdinand de Lesseps was successful in getting the Suez Canal completed in ten years. Why was Compagnie Universelle attempt in the Panama a failure? What factors that he has control over does he fail to address? What matters are out of his hands? Hindsight is 20/20, but what should he have done differently? Was there any way for de Lesseps to pull Panama off successfully?

Essay Topic 3

No scandal in France surrounding the liquidation of Compagnie Universelle reportedly would have taken place except for Ydouard Drumont's publication of "La France Juive" in 1886. What is it about these articles that caused such a commotion? Are the allegations therein true? Why is there no previous complaint? Is there any connection between his writings and his imprisonment for libel?

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