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David McCullough
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Manuel Amador looking to improve sanitation and end centuries of plague, invests what amount of U.S. $10 million payment into urgent public works projects?
(a) $3 million.
(b) $2 million.
(c) $1 million.
(d) $4 million.

2. When do Theodore Perry Shonts and John Stevens land without ceremony at Colon?
(a) July 26, 1904.
(b) December 15, 1905.
(c) December 15, 1906.
(d) July 26, 1905.

3. When Josy Vincente Concha resigns in nervous exhaustion, he is replaced by career diplomat Tomas Herran, fluent in English and popular in Washington, and Herran proves to be what?
(a) Less cautious than the State Department anticipated.
(b) More cautious than the State Department hoped.
(c) Far less cautious than the State Department expected.
(d) Equally cautious as Concha.

4. No sitting President has left the country before, so what is the reaction when Theodore Roosevelt announces he will visit Panama?
(a) No concern for or against in Panama.
(b) Uncertainty in the U.S.
(c) Great excitement.
(d) Limited support or approval.

5. The great dam at Gatun, that is 15 times wider at the base than it is high, is how difficult to construct?
(a) Unbelievably difficult.
(b) Almost impossible.
(c) Surprisingly easy.
(d) Moderately hard.

Short Answer Questions

1. Theodore Roosevelt declares he would have recommended the Congress take possession of the isthmus had the Panamanians not revolted, as which nation is not a responsible power?

2. William Cromwell, on June 13, 1903, leaks to the New York World paper he had a talk with Theodore Roosevelt about recognizing a secessionist Republic of Panama should what continue?

3. Who pays Colombia $25 million in indemnities in 1925?

4. When Phillippe Banau-Varilla resigns as Panamanian envoy, resumes publishing Le Matin, and asks the salary due him be reserved to build a monument to whom?

5. A Panamanian National Constitutional Convention is held on January 15, 1904, and a National Assembly elects whom as President?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does George Washington Goethals do after the canal is completed?

2. What is the focus of attention from 1907-1913?

3. What is historically significant for Panama about January 15, 1904?

4. Which of the three presidents that the Panama Canal is built under is most crucial to it?

5. What is the social life like in Panama for canal workers during Goethals' time?

6. What takes place in early 1907 that seals John Stevens' fate as chief engineer?

7. What are some of the critical points of the Hay- Herran Treaty ratified by the Senate 73-5 on March 17, 1903?

8. What is Panama's social structure like?

9. What became of Phillippee Banau-Varilla?

10. How is it the U.S. must come to grips with Article 35 of the Bidack Treaty in regard to Panama?

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