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David McCullough
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In a special message to Congress on January 4, 1904, Theodore Roosevelt claims what nation violates a U.S. mandate to build the canal, the "great design" of the 1846 treaty to secure its construction?
(a) Nicaragua.
(b) Colombia.
(c) Panama.
(d) Mexico.

2. John F. Wallace has a job offer he cannot say "no" to, but William H. Taft feels betrayed as he tailored the new ICC to his wishes, and confronts him to dress him down and demand a resignation where?
(a) New York.
(b) San Francisco.
(c) Washington, D.C.
(d) Panama City.

3. For an overall view of the Gatun dam site, Theodore Roosevelt races up the hillside and takes a look, and then the most famous moment of his trip takes place when Roosevelt does what?
(a) Takes the wheel of a loaded dump truck and dumps it on a train.
(b) Takes controls of a 95-ton Bucyrus steam shovel for 20 minutes.
(c) Takes controls of a 275-ton train steam engine for 20 minutes.
(d) Takes controls of a 15-ton construction tractor for 20 minutes.

4. Who pays Colombia $25 million in indemnities in 1925?
(a) Warren G. Harding.
(b) Calvin Coolidge.
(c) William Howard Taft.
(d) Woodrow Wilson.

5. A movement begins in Panama in July 1903, as 25-26 gather to talk revolution, including which leaders?
(a) Phillippe Banau-Varilla, Jose Agustin Arango, and Carlos Constantino Arosemena.
(b) William Cromwell, Phillippe Banau-Varilla, and Carlos Constantino Arosemena.
(c) Phillippe Banau-Varilla, Jose Agustin Arango, and Henry G. Prescott.
(d) Jose Agustin Arango, Carlos Constantino Arosemena, and Herbert G. Prescott.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Canal Record, reliable in most respects, includes nothing about what?

2. How many times does Theodore Roosevelt return to Panama to see the canal?

3. Manuel Amador looking to improve sanitation and end centuries of plague, invests what amount of U.S. $10 million payment into urgent public works projects?

4. What is the key to the lock enterprise?

5. For American tourists crowding trains, as impressive as they find the Gatun Dam, locks, and Culebra Cut, what gives them the greatest patriotic pride?

Short Essay Questions

1. What became of Phillippee Banau-Varilla?

2. Why is the initial Chief Engineer, John F. Wallace, let go?

3. On what issue in the Canal Zone does Theodore Roosevelt place his utmost priority?

4. Where does David McCullough get his subtitle for Chapter 12?

5. What is the focus of attention from 1907-1913?

6. What are some of the critical points of the Hay- Herran Treaty ratified by the Senate 73-5 on March 17, 1903?

7. What is the design of the largest moving part of the canal system?

8. What takes place in early 1907 that seals John Stevens' fate as chief engineer?

9. What is historically significant for Panama about January 15, 1904?

10. Rather than shutting the project down, what are some of the thing implemented by the authoritative new chairman of the ICC, Theodore Perry Shonts?

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