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David McCullough
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Marie Gorgas provides the best impressions of the American era in Panama, noting Colon is "unspeakably dirty" and depressing and the jungle is what?
(a) Full of disease and wild animals.
(b) Dark and suffocating.
(c) Horrifically dangerous.
(d) Astonishingly beautiful.

2. Where does Manuel Amador send a coded telegram to on October 28, 1903?
(a) Panama City.
(b) Washington, D.C.
(c) New York.
(d) San Francisco.

3. What three men is the lock design and engineering largely the work of?
(a) Lieutenant Colonel Hodges, Edward Schildhauer, and Henry Goldmark.
(b) Edward Schildhauer, Henry Goldmark, and William H. Welch.
(c) George W. Goethals, Henry Goldmark, and Lt. Col. Hodges.
(d) Charles de Lesseps, Edward Schildhauer, and Henry Goldmark.

4. William Cromwell, on June 13, 1903, leaks to the New York World paper he had a talk with Theodore Roosevelt about recognizing a secessionist Republic of Panama should what continue?
(a) Nicaragua sending forces into Panama.
(b) Colombia being greedy.
(c) Colombia ignoring Panama's king.
(d) Colombia not dealing fairly with Chile.

5. Modest progress is made under Chief Engineer John Findley Wallace, but ends when a medley of tropical diseases results in a "Great Panic" and exodus of American engineers in what year?
(a) 1906.
(b) 1904.
(c) 1905.
(d) 1903.

Short Answer Questions

1. Theodore Roosevelt declares he would have recommended the Congress take possession of the isthmus had the Panamanians not revolted, as which nation is not a responsible power?

2. "Adventure by Trigonometry" is the subtitle of Chapter 12, detailing how the U.S. moves from what to what?

3. Dr. William Henry Welch of Johns Hopkins Medical School convinces Theodore Roosevelt to assign a sanitary officer. Why is Welch's former student, William Crawford Gorgas, chosen?

4. What is the main issue impeding fumigation in U.S. facilities?

5. A Panamanian National Constitutional Convention is held on January 15, 1904, and a National Assembly elects whom as President?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some of the critical points of the Hay- Herran Treaty ratified by the Senate 73-5 on March 17, 1903?

2. What is historically significant for Panama about January 15, 1904?

3. On what issue in the Canal Zone does Theodore Roosevelt place his utmost priority?

4. What is the social life like in Panama for canal workers during Goethals' time?

5. What is the design of the largest moving part of the canal system?

6. What takes place in early 1907 that seals John Stevens' fate as chief engineer?

7. What is occurring during the initial stage of U.S. efforts in Panama that culminates in a 1905 event?

8. What critical event can be associated with Theodore Roosevelt and the date of January 4, 1904?

9. What is it about May 4, 1904, that makes it a significant date in the history of the Canal Zone?

10. What would be an accurate description of John Stevens, the second chief engineer in Panama?

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