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David McCullough
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Panama Patchwork is a publication by James Stanley Gilbert containing what?
(a) A daily newspaper designed for a black audience.
(b) A magazine arising in competition with George W. Goethals' Canal Record.
(c) A Sunday newspaper with letters, poetry, stories, other contributions.
(d) Poems about disease, alcoholism, death, futility.

2. No sitting President has left the country before, so what is the reaction when Theodore Roosevelt announces he will visit Panama?
(a) Uncertainty in the U.S.
(b) Great excitement.
(c) Limited support or approval.
(d) No concern for or against in Panama.

3. Lieutenant Colonel William Crawford Gorgas, despite opposition from bureaucrats, maintains the biggest challenge is what?
(a) Conquering yellow fever and malaria.
(b) Accepting a lock vice a sea-level plan.
(c) Getting rid of what is dug from the canal.
(d) The massive amount of paperwork required by Washington.

4. A movement begins in Panama in July 1903, as 25-26 gather to talk revolution, including which leaders?
(a) Jose Agustin Arango, Carlos Constantino Arosemena, and Herbert G. Prescott.
(b) Phillippe Banau-Varilla, Jose Agustin Arango, and Carlos Constantino Arosemena.
(c) William Cromwell, Phillippe Banau-Varilla, and Carlos Constantino Arosemena.
(d) Phillippe Banau-Varilla, Jose Agustin Arango, and Henry G. Prescott.

5. Crews respond by competing how to top the published excavation statistics?
(a) Fiercely.
(b) Mediocrely.
(c) Moderately.
(d) Uncompetitively.

Short Answer Questions

1. John F. Wallace has a job offer he cannot say "no" to, but William H. Taft feels betrayed as he tailored the new ICC to his wishes, and confronts him to dress him down and demand a resignation where?

2. John Stevens feels the Panama Canal can be completed by January 1914, but doubts a sea- level version can be prior to what year?

3. The average death rate in the final year among whites is 2.06 per thousand, and what per thousand among blacks?

4. "Adventure by Trigonometry" is the subtitle of Chapter 12, detailing how the U.S. moves from what to what?

5. Who is hired as America's first chief engineer for the canal project, with the understanding he need not move to the isthmus?

Short Essay Questions

1. What became of Phillippee Banau-Varilla?

2. Why is the initial Chief Engineer, John F. Wallace, let go?

3. Rather than shutting the project down, what are some of the thing implemented by the authoritative new chairman of the ICC, Theodore Perry Shonts?

4. What is occurring during the initial stage of U.S. efforts in Panama that culminates in a 1905 event?

5. What would be an accurate description of John Stevens, the second chief engineer in Panama?

6. Where does David McCullough get his subtitle for Chapter 12?

7. What is the design of the largest moving part of the canal system?

8. On what issue in the Canal Zone does Theodore Roosevelt place his utmost priority?

9. What does George Washington Goethals do after the canal is completed?

10. What is historically significant for Panama about January 15, 1904?

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