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David McCullough
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The liquidator's ordering a halt to work on the Isthmus instigates what among workers and shareholders?
(a) Violent riots.
(b) A run on financial institutions.
(c) They want to forget it.
(d) Polite petition for redress.

2. On March 10, 1902, the Morgan Committee reports out the Hepburn Bill favorably, recommending what?
(a) 9-2 a Panama canal.
(b) 7-4 a Nicaragua canal.
(c) 6-5 a Panama canal.
(d) 10-1 a Nicaragua canal.

3. What does Theodore Roosevelt state in his first message to Congress is the reason the U.S. must construct a canal in Central America for?
(a) To rival Suez.
(b) For humanitarian reasons.
(c) It is key to U.S. naval supremacy.
(d) For commercial purposes.

4. Sea supremacy has always been key to national and commercial greatness, and Theodore Roosevelt publishes The Naval War of 1812 while?
(a) A high school student.
(b) An undergraduate student.
(c) A graduate student.
(d) President.

5. When Jules Dingler quits upon approaching mental and physical collapse and Maurice Hutin steps in for a month before resigning also, who becomes acting head of the entire effort?
(a) William Kimball.
(b) Phillipe Bunau-Varilla.
(c) Alexander de Duponte.
(d) Jaques Jonett.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Lt. Isaac Strain's expeditionary party in 1850 when attempting to locate a potential path at the Isthmus of Darien?

2. Cholera kills 48 of 50 technicians and 150 soldiers and dependents en route to duty in Panama in 1852, yet which Fourth Infantry member survives and becomes President?

3. Lieutenants Lucien Napoleon-Bonaparte Wyse and Armand Reclus plan a sea-level canal for Central America between Wyse's 1878 and 1879 visits to Washington, while Ferdinand de Lesseps does what?

4. The United States is granted exclusive right of transit across the Isthmus of Panama upon the signing of what document with Colombia in 1846?

5. John Walker asks Compagnie Nouvelle to verify it's franchises and title in Pa nama in April 1901, gets no reply by June, and has William Cromwell ask directly how much his client wants. They reply how?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the subtitle for Chapter 3, "Consensus of One," a reference to?

2. How can the early years of the Companie Universele be described?

3. What does Ferdinand de Lesseps accomplish between the 1879 Congris International d'Ytudes du Canal Interocyanique in Paris and sailing for Panama in December that year?

4. What is Colon like, where Ferdinant de Lesseps' entourage begins their journey in Panama?

5. What increases the impetus to build a canal, and why?

6. Why is it yellow fever causes instant panic in comparison to other tropical diseases?

7. In Chapter 1 of his book, David McCullough views a number of expeditions that were made in Central America in the early 19th-century looking for the ideal route, but what did he find as common to every canal proposal?

8. As the Morgan Committee rejects the recommendations of the Walker Commission, what are the rumors that are circulating around Washington?

9. Who are the three prominent directors of the Turr Syndicate and what are their backgrounds?

10. How do the French account for 1/3 of all their canal digging?

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