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David McCullough
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What 100+ edition, 1,000+ page book holding Jews responsible for all woes appears in 1886, and when the Compagnie Universelle fails, whose "history" of the firm is a best seller in 1890?
(a) Ferdinand de Lesseps' La France Juive and La Derniire Bataille.
(b) Ydouard Drumont's La France Juive and La Derniire Bataille.
(c) General Boulanger's La France Juive and La Derniire Bataille.
(d) Madame de Bonnemains' La France Juive and La Derniire Bataille.

2. Which monument unveiling did Ferdinand de Lesseps attend in October of 1886?
(a) The Statue of Liberty.
(b) The Washington Monument.
(c) The London Bridge.
(d) The Eiffel Tower.

3. What happens to Lt. Isaac Strain's expeditionary party in 1850 when attempting to locate a potential path at the Isthmus of Darien?
(a) The party is a total loss.
(b) The party identifies two locations deemed viable.
(c) They nearly perishes.
(d) The party is successful with no loss of life.

4. An initial stock offering after the1879 Congris International d'Ytudes du Canal Interocyanique goes poorly, so Ferdinand de Lesseps gives back investors' funds, has another issue offered, and declares what?
(a) He will depart for Panama with a team of experts by October 1879.
(b) The survey requirement of the Wyse Concession is void.
(c) A double return within three years is guaranteed.
(d) He will complete the survey required by the Wyse Concession.

5. The 1879 Congris International d'Ytudes du Canal Interocyanique Technical Committe hears proposals for how many passage sites before focusing on the Americans' Nicaraguan and the Wyse plans?
(a) 14.
(b) 19.
(c) 24.
(d) 6.

Short Answer Questions

1. Jaques de Reinach is a nominal villain in comparison to whom?

2. Completed after ten years of construction in 1869, what is the significant engineering feat that shortens the trek from Europe to India by some 5,800 miles around the Horn of Africa?

3. After leaving the bottom lands of Panama in late 1879, while en route to Panama City, the Ferdinand de Lesseps entourage follow what river toward the summit at Culebra?

4. Jaques de Reinach is the "Micros" article's inside source, but Ydouard Drumont denies testifying, unless he is pardoned for what type of conviction keeping him in prison?

5. What does the public prosecutor, Jules Quesnay de Beaurepaire, propose in October 1892?

Short Essay Questions

1. How can the early years of the Companie Universele be described?

2. What takes place in Havana, Cuba, during the Spanish-American War of 1898 that encourages Theodore Roosevelt in his zeal for a canal in Central America?

3. Who is Rear Adm. John Grimes Walker?

4. Among the earliest authoritative studies, the Political Essay on the Kingdom of New Spain, published in 1811, is sketchy about a number of things, but is adamant about what?

5. What is the professional path for potential French civil engineers in the 19th-century?

6. What is the subtitle for Chapter 3, "Consensus of One," a reference to?

7. In mid-November 1887, what sort of new locks does Ferdinand de Lesseps state Alexandre Gustava Eiffel will be designing and building?

8. What do you find to be Ferdinand de Lesseps' most interesting characteristic and why?

9. What does the swindler Cornelius Herz do before he flees to France?

10. What role does Chicago Times-Herald reporter Walter Wellman play in the Central American canal scenario?

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