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David McCullough
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Crews respond by competing how to top the published excavation statistics?
(a) Uncompetitively.
(b) Moderately.
(c) Fiercely.
(d) Mediocrely.

2. Dr. William Henry Welch of Johns Hopkins Medical School convinces Theodore Roosevelt to assign a sanitary officer. Why is Welch's former student, William Crawford Gorgas, chosen?
(a) His mentor was General Walter Reed, a senior U.S. Army physician.
(b) He is the most senior U.S. medical officer with experience in the jungle.
(c) He is the foremost U.S. authority on tropical disease.
(d) He survived yellow fever, making him immune to it thereafter.

3. Who pays Colombia $25 million in indemnities in 1925?
(a) Woodrow Wilson.
(b) William Howard Taft.
(c) Warren G. Harding.
(d) Calvin Coolidge.

4. What does Theodore Roosevelt stress in his autobiography as to his action in Panama?.
(a) Maintains it was not impulsive.
(b) He had to take quick action, or none at all.
(c) It was not impulsive, the situation called for quick action.
(d) Admits in hindsight it was impulsive.

5. Who outmaneuvers the Panamanians into giving the U.S. greater rights in the Canal Zone than it wants?
(a) William Nelson Cromwell.
(b) Theodore Roosevelt.
(c) Phillippe Banau-Varilla.
(d) Tomas Herran.

6. George W. Goethals allows employees to air grievances where?
(a) The Canal Record letters to the editor.
(b) A summary court similar to lowest level of U.S. military three-level courts martial system.
(c) At the Sunday morning court of appeals and in the Canal Record letters to the editor.
(d) A Saturday three-man review board consisting of two supervisors and one equal level employee.

7. In the fall of 1902 as discussions of Canal Zone sovereignty reach a critical point, civil war erupts on the Isthmus and Theodore Roosevelt takes what action?
(a) Sends in the Army to secure the railroad.
(b) Dispatches a State Department negotiating team.
(c) Sends in the Marines to secure the railroad.
(d) None, as he has no legislative approval.

8. When do Theodore Perry Shonts and John Stevens land without ceremony at Colon?
(a) July 26, 1905.
(b) December 15, 1905.
(c) July 26, 1904.
(d) December 15, 1906.

9. When is the Hay-Herran Treaty signed?
(a) April 23, 1903.
(b) March 21, 1903.
(c) January 21, 1903.
(d) February 21, 1903.

10. The ICC's new Chairman, Theodore Perry Shonts, is best described how?
(a) Tollerant.
(b) Easygoing.
(c) Relaxed.
(d) Authoritative.

11. When Josy Vincente Concha resigns in nervous exhaustion, he is replaced by career diplomat Tomas Herran, fluent in English and popular in Washington, and Herran proves to be what?
(a) Far less cautious than the State Department expected.
(b) Equally cautious as Concha.
(c) Less cautious than the State Department anticipated.
(d) More cautious than the State Department hoped.

12. Marie Gorgas provides the best impressions of the American era in Panama, noting Colon is "unspeakably dirty" and depressing and the jungle is what?
(a) Full of disease and wild animals.
(b) Horrifically dangerous.
(c) Dark and suffocating.
(d) Astonishingly beautiful.

13. George W. Goethals starts a weekly newspaper, the Canal Record, for what purpose?
(a) Use as a propaganda tool intended to keep laborers steadfast.
(b) Use as a sealant of buildings in preparation for fumigation.
(c) Give an accurate, up-to-date picture of the progress.
(d) A valid newspaper designed to appeal to all employees, black and white.

14. The great dam at Gatun, that is 15 times wider at the base than it is high, is how difficult to construct?
(a) Surprisingly easy.
(b) Unbelievably difficult.
(c) Almost impossible.
(d) Moderately hard.

15. John Walker does not accept the mosquito theory and insists the solution is what?
(a) Staying indoors from damp air at night and bathing regularly.
(b) Swimming in salt water when possible and not eating local foods.
(c) Getting rid of garbage, painting houses, and paving streets.
(d) Getting rid of garbage and staying indoors from damp air at night.

Short Answer Questions

1. Lieutenant Colonel William Crawford Gorgas, despite opposition from bureaucrats, maintains the biggest challenge is what?

2. Thousands of articles create popular view of Canal Zone life, but make no mention of blacks, so government inspectors and fact-finders are amazed to see the entire project depends on what?

3. When Phillippe Banau-Varilla resigns as Panamanian envoy, resumes publishing Le Matin, and asks the salary due him be reserved to build a monument to whom?

4. When does the Pacific fleet pass through the Panama Canal relative to Theodore Roosevelt's death, and does he view it?

5. In a 1911 University of California Berkeley speech, former President Theodore Roosevelt gets laughs and applause when he maintains what?

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