The Path Between the Seas Short Essay - Answer Key

David McCullough
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1. It is stated the Navy recalls 1850 because Lt. Isaac Strain and his party nearly perish trying to locate a path at Darien, yet what are other reasons beyond that?

Among other reasons the Navy remembers 1850, beyond Lt. Strain's party being lost for 49 days and nearly perishing, is Dr. Edward Cullenhan claiming to have crossed from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico with ease and Lt. Strain to be incompetent in his inability to follow a marked route. Further, Adm. Daniel Ammen, Chief of the Bureau of Navigation, locates in the Strain Report evidence of a low-lying valley running inland. This is significant in the search for a suitable route for a canal.

2. Among the earliest authoritative studies, the Political Essay on the Kingdom of New Spain, published in 1811, is sketchy about a number of things, but is adamant about what?

The Political Essay on the Kingdom of New Spain, while sketchy regarding some things, is clear that there are a number of possible routes to connect the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico through Central America. But the various professionals and experts need to be gathered to seek out the best route to select and approach.

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