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David McCullough
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3, Chapter 21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. French engineers at Panama look on American colleagues as merely adroit at improvisation, but find making do with what is available under pressure difficult and that Suez was too easy, as warned by whom?
(a) Gaston Blanchet.
(b) Baron de Lypinay.
(c) A. G. Menocal.
(d) Armand Rycus.

2. In what way does author David McCullough find all early 19th-century canal plans preposterous?
(a) Every survey is flawed by incorrect geographic surveys or lack of geological specimens.
(b) Every survey is flawed by lack of effort to gain accurate, applicable data.
(c) Every survey is flawed by inaccurate data and bad assumptions.
(d) Every survey is flawed by failure to consider realistic astrological and geological considerations.

3. Sea supremacy has always been key to national and commercial greatness, and Theodore Roosevelt publishes The Naval War of 1812 while?
(a) A graduate student.
(b) An undergraduate student.
(c) President.
(d) A high school student.

4. The United States is granted exclusive right of transit across the Isthmus of Panama upon the signing of what document with Colombia in 1846?
(a) The Panamanian Isthmus Pact.
(b) The Bidlack Treaty.
(c) The Atlantic and Pacific Accord.
(d) The Panama Canal Charter.

5. In which book does the author urge no action be taken prior to experts first comparing the pros and cons of all potential routes in connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans?
(a) Exploring for a Navigable Route; An Approach to Connect the East and West in a Practical Manner.
(b) Connecting the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans.
(c) Joining the West with the East, a Nineteenth Century Essay.
(d) Political Essay on the Kingdom of New Span.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is marriage encouraged in the Canal Zone?

2. Panama Patchwork is a publication by James Stanley Gilbert containing what?

3. The Compagnie Universelle incorporates on March 3, 1881, with whom as officers?

4. John Stevens is scheduled to accompany William H. Taft to the Philippines to advise on railroad construction, when who urges John Stevens to go to Panama as John Findley Wallace's successor?

5. Which organization is later described as representing the world's first "transcontinental" railroad?

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