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David McCullough
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3, Chapter 21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. An initial stock offering after the1879 Congris International d'Ytudes du Canal Interocyanique goes poorly, so Ferdinand de Lesseps gives back investors' funds, has another issue offered, and declares what?
(a) A double return within three years is guaranteed.
(b) He will depart for Panama with a team of experts by October 1879.
(c) He will complete the survey required by the Wyse Concession.
(d) The survey requirement of the Wyse Concession is void.

2. A movement begins in Panama in July 1903, as 25-26 gather to talk revolution, including which leaders?
(a) Phillippe Banau-Varilla, Jose Agustin Arango, and Carlos Constantino Arosemena.
(b) Phillippe Banau-Varilla, Jose Agustin Arango, and Henry G. Prescott.
(c) Jose Agustin Arango, Carlos Constantino Arosemena, and Herbert G. Prescott.
(d) William Cromwell, Phillippe Banau-Varilla, and Carlos Constantino Arosemena.

3. The Wallace/Stevens departmental system is replaced by what?
(a) Multiple-level class system as in Mexico.
(b) Geological divisions with one atop another.
(c) Celestial, with each independent of another.
(d) Geographic divisions as in the French period.

4. Who orders commissaries established immediately, even if this will violate agreements with Panama?
(a) Theodore Roosevelt.
(b) Theodore Perry Shonts.
(c) William Howard Taft.
(d) John Stevens.

5. A huge dam taming the Chagres changes the slope, increasing the "cube" excavation by how much?
(a) 60%.
(b) 75%.
(c) 30%.
(d) 100%.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ferdinand de Lesseps' name comes up repeatedly before the Morgan Committee through March 1902, reportedly like a what?

2. Armand Rousseau's report declares abandoning the Panama project will harm French prestige and advocates what?

3. Which organization is later described as representing the world's first "transcontinental" railroad?

4. Lieutenant Colonel William Crawford Gorgas, despite opposition from bureaucrats, maintains the biggest challenge is what?

5. Sen. Spooner offers a Hepburn Bill amendment authorizing the President to acquire the Panama property and concessions for no more than $40 million, only if Colombia relinquishes what?

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