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David McCullough
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3, Chapter 21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. William Crawford Gorgas gathers data on how weather and topography affect Anopheles mosquitoes that transmit malarial parasite to humans, and discovers what?
(a) Direct sunlight and strong air currents are lethal to them, rain is not.
(b) Direct sunlight, rain, and strong air currents are lethal to them.
(c) Direct sunlight and rain are lethal to them, strong air currents are not.
(d) Direct sunlight, rain, and strong air currents have no effect on them.

2. Ferdinand de Lesseps lost a son and a wife to cholera in Egypt and invests $7.1 million in hospitals that a Canadian doctor declares the best in the tropics, and an American, decades later, places where?
(a) Comparable to all U.S. care givers.
(b) Comparable in many respects to all U.S. care givers.
(c) Ahead of all U.S. care givers.
(d) Behind all U.S. care givers.

3. In just over a decade in Panama, the French spend $287 million and expend how many lives?
(a) Some 12,000.
(b) Some 32,000 lives.
(c) Some 22,000.
(d) Some 42,000 lives.

4. The first event after the Morgan Commission that changes in favor of Panama, is Theodore Roosevelt reading news of how an audience, of civil engineers listening to Irving M. Scott in New York, does what?
(a) Unanimously rallies for Nicaragua.
(b) Unanimously rallies for Mexico.
(c) Unanimously rallies for Panama.
(d) Unanimously rallies for Colombia.

5. Thousands of articles create popular view of Canal Zone life, but make no mention of blacks, so government inspectors and fact-finders are amazed to see the entire project depends on what?
(a) Black labor, both in construction and in the vast service industries.
(b) Black labor in the service industries only.
(c) Black labor in construction only.
(d) Black labor in construction and Central American labor in the service industries.

Short Answer Questions

1. Phillippe Banau-Varilla's Cincinnati civic speech of building a shorter, cheaper alternate to Nicaragua, glosses over mudslides, disease, his stock holdings, and adds what new theme to the debate?

2. How fast before the canal becomes a smooth, quiet operation, free from the drama and hoopla characteristic of earlier years?

3. When is the Hay-Herran Treaty signed?

4. Lieutenant Lucien Napoleon Bonaparte Wyse sails back to New York in early 1879 to buy the Panama Railroad Company, but its president is the major stockholder with the leverage to demand what price?

5. Who rebuilds Colon after it goes up in flames, killing 18 and leaving some 8,000 homeless?

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