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David McCullough
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 1, Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jaques de Reinach is a nominal villain in comparison to whom?
(a) Cornelius Herz.
(b) Alexandre Ribot.
(c) Ydouard Drumont.
(d) Ferdinand Martin.

2. A sea-level canal built at Panama is just impossible, and using 1880s equipment, the lock canal approach maximizes what?
(a) Financial, but not technological limits.
(b) Technological, but not financial limits.
(c) Neither technological nor financial limits.
(d) Both technological and financial limits.

3. Chapter 8 summarizes what evolves in the courtrooms and subsequent to massive corporate collapse that affects how many French investors?
(a) Over 1 million.
(b) 500,000.
(c) 750,000.
(d) 800,000.

4. In just over a decade in Panama, the French spend $287 million and expend how many lives?
(a) Some 12,000.
(b) Some 32,000 lives.
(c) Some 22,000.
(d) Some 42,000 lives.

5. When Jules Dingler quits upon approaching mental and physical collapse and Maurice Hutin steps in for a month before resigning also, who becomes acting head of the entire effort?
(a) William Kimball.
(b) Jaques Jonett.
(c) Phillipe Bunau-Varilla.
(d) Alexander de Duponte.

Short Answer Questions

1. Lieutenant Lucien Napoleon Bonaparte Wyse negotiates a contract with Colombian President Aquileo Parra on March 23, 1878, including what conditions?

2. As Panama shares slip in value by mid-1885, Ferdinand de Lesseps lies to the stockholders stating the task is how far accomplished?

3. For what purpose does Navy Secretary George M. Robeson direct Commander Thomas O. Selfridge to the Isthmus of Darien at Caledonia Bay, some 150 miles to the east of the Panama Canal Railroad on January 10, 1870?

4. Gustave Eiffel eventually is able to clear his name, but what does he do afterward?

5. Completed after ten years of construction in 1869, what is the significant engineering feat that shortens the trek from Europe to India by some 5,800 miles around the Horn of Africa?

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