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David McCullough
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 1, Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is U.S. delegate Admiral Ammen's view of the American canal plan, given at the 1879 Congris International d'Ytudes du Canal Interocyanique, with a 1,900 foot viaduct over the Chagres River, 12 locks at each end, and costing $94.6 million?
(a) Believes the cost estimate could be lowered somewhat.
(b) States it requires only minor modifications.
(c) Declares the whole thing impractical.
(d) Supports the proposal wholeheartedly.

2. Before leaving Panama for New York en route to Paris, Ferdinand de Lesseps dismisses all talk regarding the deadly jungle climate and maintains what about the task?
(a) It will be easier than Suez, but take longer.
(b) It will be easier than Suez.
(c) It will be no harder than Suez.
(d) It will be more difficult than Suez.

3. After leaving the bottom lands of Panama in late 1879, while en route to Panama City, the Ferdinand de Lesseps entourage follow what river toward the summit at Culebra?
(a) Rio Obispo.
(b) Rio Grande.
(c) Chagres River.
(d) Panama River.

4. What results from the six-month expedition led by Lieutenant Lucien Napoleon-Bonaparte Wyse that leaves France in early November of 1876?
(a) All had cholera, six died in the jungle, and two died on the return trip at sea.
(b) All had yellow fever, one died, and two remained to pan for gold in the Bogot√° River.
(c) All had heat stroke, one was temporarily insane, and two died.
(d) All had malaria, three died, and he calls for a nine-mile tunnel.

5. Who is the Turr Syndicate directed by?
(a) General Istvan Turr, Baron Jacques de Reinach, and Lieutenant Lucien Napoleon-Bonaparte Wyse.
(b) Colonel Istvan Turr, Lord Jacques de Reinach, and Admiral Lucien Napoleon-Bonaparte Wyse.
(c) General Istvan Turr, Baron Jacques de Reinach, and Commander Lucien Napoleon-Bonaparte Wyse.
(d) Baron Istvan Turr, Commodore Jacques de Reinach, and Captain Lucien Napoleon-Bonaparte Wyse.

Short Answer Questions

1. The cream of the crop of 19th-century French engineers are trained at what two institutions (the most brilliant at the former, and only its top graduates at the latter)?

2. Ferdinand de Lesseps lost a son and a wife to cholera in Egypt and invests $7.1 million in hospitals that a Canadian doctor declares the best in the tropics, and an American, decades later, places where?

3. A Saint Gotthard Tunnel engineer, Ribourt, warned the 1879 Congris International d'Ytudes du Canal Interocyanique that, even 24 hours a day, the Wyse plan including a tunnel would take how long?

4. Three weeks following the arrival of news of the Colon fire in Paris, Ferdinand de Lesseps achieves the ultimate honor, induction where?

5. Ferdinand de Lesseps' second attempt at going public, is the largest financial endeavor yet, with each share ($100) representing a year's income for half of France's working class, but may be bought how?

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