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David McCullough
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. John Walker asks Compagnie Nouvelle to verify it's franchises and title in Pa nama in April 1901, gets no reply by June, and has William Cromwell ask directly how much his client wants. They reply how?
(a) They state they are gathering the file, meanwhile have him make an offer.
(b) Offended by Cromwell's blunt cable, they fire him.
(c) They say they did not get Walker's query and will get back to him.
(d) They cannot reply until after the annual July meeting.

2. "The Incredible Task" is the subtitle for Chapter 5 which chronicles the initial years of the Compagnie Universelle, marked by what?
(a) Soaring hopes, misleading propaganda, real but costly progress, and massive logistical and natural challenges.
(b) Low hopes, misleading propaganda, minimal and costly progress, and massive logistical and natural challenges.
(c) Soaring hopes, misleading propaganda, minimal but economical progress, and reasonable logistical and natural challenges.
(d) Cautious hopes, honest promotion, real but costly progress, and massive logistical and natural challenges.

3. Ferdinand de Lesseps' second attempt at going public, is the largest financial endeavor yet, with each share ($100) representing a year's income for half of France's working class, but may be bought how?
(a) 25% down, balance in equal monthly payments for three years.
(b) 25% down, five years to pay the rest.
(c) 50% down, six years to pay the rest.
(d) 25% down, six years to pay the rest.

4. French engineers at Panama look on American colleagues as merely adroit at improvisation, but find making do with what is available under pressure difficult and that Suez was too easy, as warned by whom?
(a) Baron de Lypinay.
(b) A. G. Menocal.
(c) Gaston Blanchet.
(d) Armand Rycus.

5. A sea-level canal built at Panama is just impossible, and using 1880s equipment, the lock canal approach maximizes what?
(a) Technological, but not financial limits.
(b) Neither technological nor financial limits.
(c) Both technological and financial limits.
(d) Financial, but not technological limits.

Short Answer Questions

1. Chapter 8 summarizes what evolves in the courtrooms and subsequent to massive corporate collapse that affects how many French investors?

2. Phillippe Banau-Varilla's Cincinnati civic speech of building a shorter, cheaper alternate to Nicaragua, glosses over mudslides, disease, his stock holdings, and adds what new theme to the debate?

3. Which delegate to the 1879 Congris International d'Ytudes du Canal Interocyanique in Paris takes into consideration the deadly climate of Panama?

4. Which survivors enjoy lifelong immunity from the disease that comes and goes in waves?

5. Phillippe Banau-Varilla goes to the "Lion's Cage," the home of John T. Morgan, and it almost comes to blows when Morgan terms Panama as what?

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